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Flowers by Jayvee

Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of your time.
Dream for an Insomniac, 1996

You see, the saying “say it with flowers” is really true. The lover’s dozen you give your special someone merely comprise the canvas on which the two of you will paint your unbridled passion of romance.

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Whichever option you decide to go for, you’re guaranteed not to lose. You know why? Because love … love conquers all!

“That Jayvee guy, he’s so dreamy.”
Mike Villar, Rising Internet Star

Do you also write for print?

In the Philippines, a number of bloggers I know have begun contribution stints for magazines because of their blogs. In the same light, a number of contributing writers for print have also begun writing blogs.

Here are some of the publications I have written for in the past. I currently write for some of these till today:

Mobile Philippines
PC Magazine Philippines
GAME! Magazine
CHALK Magazine (umm long story!)
Rogue Magazine
MANUAL Magazine
EPSON Vision Corporate Magazine
CANON Images Corporate Magazine

Do you also write for print publications? If so, which ones are they? Do they allow you to place your author bi-line with your blog address?

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Our First Certificate of Recognition!


Juned: It was fun

Jayvee: Is that the correct word?

Juned: It was fulfilling!

We talked about blogs, blogging, and using blogs as a teaching instrument in lesson plans. According to the teachers, high school students are very familiar with Friendster blogs as their means of self expression. Why not channel this enthusiasm into a learning tool in the classroom? The teachers were very receptive and although the session was short, we’re working on phase two of our school penetration program. We’ll be working with the top journalism students of Lagro National High School and help them use blogs in a number of class projects. The possibilities are numerous. [Blog and Soul]

Thank you to Arpee and Juned for working on this project. Do you want to volunteer your time to talk about blogs to students? Click here.

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Hey PR Agencies! This is how to do a social media PR campaign!


This is a template I took from the news blog of CNET. The post caught my eye because it talked about an actual TEMPLATE to doing social media campaigns. I’m not sure if Mike Abundo (head curmudgeon) or Steve Rubel (PR guru) would agree with this chart — but hear me out for a bit. The image above is basically a means to illustrate the different channels of our innovative Internet space, with a zero in on social interactions online. You can download the PDF template by clicking on this link.

Click HERE to see how Ford made use of this template to come up with their own social media friendly site.

Enter the social media news release (SMNR), originally conceived by SHIFT Communications, a viable new format to spark and cultivate online conversations about a product. Todd Defren, Shel Holtz, Chris Heuer, and other bloggers have been on the soapbox preaching about SMNRs for almost a year now. The list of companies that have used the SMNR includes Coca-Cola, BEA, SAP, Novell, and Belkin, among many other smaller companies.[Read]

The chart doesn’t tell you HOW to do things. It tells you WHAT is available in the Internet community – blogs, social networking, social bookmarking, viral videos, and the like.

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The Jayvee and Katie Show – “What’s your angle?”

In this episode, Kate and I talk about the Friendster profile angles phenomenon, put on a small demo, and give some tips on how to take better profile shots. For a higher quality download of the show, proceed here.

We’re giving out prizes too! There are two contests with prizes up for grabs. Kate is giving away lady stuff and I’m giving away two Timbuk2 rugged iPod cases. Though the contest is open to everyone, we can only ship prizes within Metro Manila. You can send your photo entries to me at jayveefernandez dot com or leave comments for the “camera-happy” terminology.

I apologize in advance for some editing issues. This is my first attempt to do editing using an extract audio feature to display photos over running sound.

UPDATE: Olive Castillo of RockEd has discussed a similar topic, identifying the guidelines to taking “friendster shots.”