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Harnessing the Power of a Business Loan: Making It Work for Your Company

It’s true that you sometimes have to spend money in order to make money. What if you have the opportunity to strengthen your company but there’s no cash on hand? One way to get the funding that you need is to look into options for instalment Smarter.Loans financing that fits your needs. Here are some examples of what you could do with the money from that instalment loan.

Reorganizing Company Debt

A smart way to restructure outstanding debt is to secure a loan with a rate of interest that’s lower than the rates on all those individual debts. Use the loan proceeds to pay off all of them. That leaves you with one obligation to manage each month. Best of all, you save money since the loan’s interest rate is lower. Go with a fixed rate as a way to protect yourself from economic shifts. Along with simplifying the debt and reducing what you’re paying in interest charges, retiring those other debts will only help your business credit rating.

Purchasing Raw Materials

You have the chance to accept a lucrative order. The only problem is that you need raw materials to produce the volume of goods needed to fill that order. How will you pay for such a high-volume purchase? Use the money from the installment loan to cover the cost of the materials. Make the goods and fill the order. Once your customer remits the payment, use it to pay off the loan. There will still be net profit and your quick turnaround increases the odds that the customer will be back with another huge order. Guess where you will go to get more money for raw materials?

Replacing Aging Equipment

All good things must come to an end. That includes equipment and machinery you’ve used for years. While it was great at one time, you need to update in order to remain competitive. The funds from an installment loan will allow you to replace key pieces of equipment and increase your operational efficiency.

Preparing for a Slow Period

Some companies experience a steady flow of orders all year long. Others have peak periods followed by lulls of two or three months. Your business happens to fall into the latter category.

Ensure that there’s money to maintain the operation by taking out an installment loan. You can use the funds to make up any temporary shortfalls in collected revenue. Once your business volume picks up after the seasonal lull, pay off the remainder of the loan.

Funding a New Marketing Campaign

Building your brand does take money. With the right sales and marketing approach, there’s the opportunity to increase awareness and reach out to new customers. You may even be able to use the campaign to penetrate new market sectors and broaden your client base. With right approach, the increased business volume will make it easy to pay off your loan ahead of time.

Along with knowing how to use the loan proceeds to best advantage, it helps to spend time comparing what different business loan lenders offer in the way of terms and conditions. Look closely at what’s required of you by each lender. This will help you choose the offer that allows you to pursue the goal and reap greater benefits from the financing arrangement.

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The Plastic Problem: How to innovate the packaging dilemma

The general public are now far more informed when it comes to the damage of non-recyclable plastics on the environment. This has led to far more importance being put on this in recent times and change is now finally being made. A huge part of this drive came from the Blue Planet Documentaries, led by David Attenborough. Research showed that up to 88% of people who had watched the second series had changed their behaviour towards the subject as a result of this. A major positive step.

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet Documentary

So what are packaging companies doing in order to tackle this problem?

Returnable packaging is the ever growing force within the industry and at PPS, they have been pushing this greatly across their services. Returnable packaging can come in many forms such as plastic pallets, plastic crates, boxes, trays and containers. These are then reused over and over again in a closed loop through logistic chains.

So how does this work?

For example the crates would be delivered to the supplier, which are then packed with the goods and delivered to the end customer. This packaging is then collected before being washed and then returned to the start of the loop. This is fast becoming the method of choice for businesses, which is replacing the previous single trip and use packaging. These being the likes of cardboard boxes and polystyrene, which have long been the popular choice in the meat and seafood industry for example.

Different terms?

Returnable packaging can be described under a number of different terms. These being Returnable plastic or transit packaging, RTP, Reusable packaging, Reusable distribution packaging, RPC, Closed loop distribution, Sustainable packaging, Transport packaging, Polypropylene packaging and bulk containers.

Why returnable packaging?

Returnable packaging in most cases will result in significant cost savings for businesses over the traditional single use packaging. These product cycles will usually last on average from three to five years, which also provides better protection for the products during the shipment. This sustainable approach is therefore a no brainer for most.

Environmental benefit?

The key to this entire process is the positive on the environment. This has resulted in this becoming the preferred option for businesses. The materials can be reused in a lengthy life cycle, in comparison to being dumped into landfill, which ultimately has a very negative impact on the environment and can be an expensive process.

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Let’s talk about doors: an innovative product that … opens doors

There are an endless list of new products becoming available for your home. Whether this be the latest smart home devices, that are becoming are far more regular addition to many household. This is also only likely to continue to increase for years to come.

Another product that has been a real innovation in the industry is the Composite door. Truedor have been at the forefront of the product, which continues to increase in popularity in recent years. They continue to push with staying green in the process of all products. This means working in full compliance of regulations and recycling 100% of products, such as PVC, sawdust, mixed scrap metal, paper and cardboard.

So what is a Composite door?

They have been created in order to counteract the common flaws in single material doors, such as uPVC doors which are purely made of plastic. Composite doors are made from a number of different materials that are pressed and glued together to provide a better product. These can also be tailored to the need of the consumer, such as with a traditional, cottage, contemporary, harmony or even a fire door for example.

What makes a Composite door special?

They have a huge advantage over alternative options such as wooden steel and UPVC doors. They are made to measure under the exact specification of the buyer. This means they not only add value to the appearance of your home or office, but also have much better added security than traditional doors.

Benefits of Composite doors?

  • They offer excellent value for money
  • Composite doors are extremely durable and weather resistant. This means they will last a lot longer than a normal door and are not prone to a similar amount of damage.
  • They require next to no maintenance and are inexpensive to look after. This means simply an occasional once over is required to keep the product at its best.
  • Composite doors enhance the overall look of your home or business as they are an attractive door to look at. They can be designed for the exact taste and requirement of the consumer, with a vast arrays of colour options available.
  • One of the most important benefits of the doors for buyers is the high level of security that they provide the property. They are made out of a very strong structure with a laminated glass finish, meaning they are extremely difficult to be broken into.

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The Three Movies we are most excited for this 2019

We are set for a bumper year when it comes to movies. The new Star Wars trilogy will come to an end, and we will see another Quentin Tarantino movie. Animation is continuing to evolve and as such more and more incredible movies are being released. Here we cover three movies that are set to be a huge success later this year, in which you can learn more here on the offers available on each to top the grossing lists come the end of the year.

Toy Story 4

One of the most successful animated series in the history of film, brings the four installment of Toy Story. The animated comedy will again be produced by Pixar animated studies for Walt Disney pictures. This will follow on from Toy Story 3 in 2010, and is already gathering high praise upon its release later this year. Josh Cooley has been put at the helm directing the film, which includes the usual characters of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The movie is expected to be one of the highest grossing movies of 2019 and a classic for years to come. No pressure.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, will be expected to be a major force on the movie scene. The previous two mentioned of course played a starring role in the success of the Wolf of Wall Street movie. So in the shape of Once upon a time in Hollywood, we could have a classic on our hands. The movie is set to be released at the end of July in the US and will be distributed by Sony Pictures releasing. This is yet another movie in 2019 that is expected to be a huge success.

The Lion King

The most anticipated animated movie in history and one that is set to amaze. This will be the remake of the 1994 classic of the same name and is being produced by Walt Disney pictures. The movie is being directed by Jon Favreau, who has quickly made a name for himself in directing animated movies, following the success of the Jungle book. Plans for this remake have been in the works since 2016, and an incredible voicing cast has been assembled. Some of the stars include Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and even Beyoncé. This Lion king remake is expected to be a huge success and will be released at the latter stages of 2019. We simply cannot wait.

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Boost your Android Phone with these 5 tricks

You just bought a new Android phone and it is terrifying to realize after a few months that it is not as fast as it used to be earlier. This issue has been occurring not only in budget phones, but some high-end mobile phones also tend to show their age over time. Although you can buy a brand new phone at extremely low prices through, but then you have to go through the hassle of backing up and transferring data. Before you decide to buy a new mobile device, try these simple tricks to get back your Android phone operating at full speed.

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I've been traveling this past month for work. Media trips allow for a lot of refreshers especially in the tech scene. October found me immersed with the next generation of bloggers in BKK for @cherrymobileph while November flew me across the pond to Israel for an immersion with the local startup scene. The BKK trip had an unexpected surprise with a @tronsmartph travel pack which included a 4-port wall charger and 10k mAh battery pack. My gosh I had no idea charging technology has evolved like this. Both devices come with charging tech called Volt IQ and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 which are safer and inherently faster ways for charging gadgets. The former detects what type of service you have and adjusts the wattage for maximum charging possible while the latter works best with other Qualcomm Snapdragon powered phones (4x faster charging)!! #NoPowerNoLife #TronsmartPH #Tronsmart

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#1 Delete or Clear Cached Data

The most common way to speed up your phone is to clear cached data. Cached data contain information from certain apps to help them boot up more rapidly. But, if your mobile phone is running low on memory, then cached data will hurt more than helping. Therefore, clear all the cached data to free up some storage. Go to phone Settings>Storage>tap on Cached Data>tap OK to clear it.

#2 Remove Any ‘Task Killer’ Apps You Have Installed

Android is pretty efficient in managing its own memory. Using task killing apps can make other apps slow to start. When an app is left midway, Android tries to run it in the background by supplying the memory it needs, but task killers actually kill the app. Then, it takes more time for an app to start and even uses more battery. If you start an app that needs more space, Android will automatically kill the apps that are less important to free up memory.

#3 Remove or Disable Any Unused Apps

New phones are always integrated with pre-installed apps from the phone manufacturer or carrier. The good thing is you can uninstall or disable most of the applications if you are not using them. Also, look out for apps on your device that you have installed and not using them for months or years. They all consume space and end up slowing down your phone. Go to Settings>Apps to see the list of all the applications.

#4 Disable Animations

Animations make all the transitions and interactions done with your phone look smoother. But, when your phone starts to slow down, these animations appear like a disrupted motion video. If animations are not working well anymore, switching them off will free up a little processing power and makes everything seems faster. Just go to Developer Options>Window animation scale>tap Animation off

#5 Optimise Chrome Browser

This particular trick helps in boosting up browsing speed. Locate ‘Data Saver’ option in Chrome and enable it. Enabling Data Saver will not only help in speeding up browsing, but also in saving some data if you don’t have an unlimited data pack active on your phone. In Data Saver mode, Google will compress the pages and media content so that less data is consumed and the pages load faster.

Now just try all these tricks and let us know how much they helped in improving the performance of your phone.