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Alabang Town Center: List of stores open during modified ECQ


True Value in Alabang Town Center is accepting “call / text / collect” orders.

True Value is now accepting call-in orders which you can collect at our curbside DriveBuy stations! Call 0998-846-5797 or 8807-1339 to get started. Please see image below for ordering.

Good day. We acquired this information from the Alabang Town Center Facebook page.

We would advise readers to contact the ATC Concierge because of the uncertainties of opening hours. Please merely use this as a guide.

Armani Exchange sells designer clothes, LAN accessories, etc

If you live in the Alabang area and have need for paraphernalia for your next LAN party … or Internet cafe, you’d probably want to check out Armani Exchange. Yeah you heard me right. Not Columbia. Not Silicon Valley or PC Express. But Armani Exchange.

It isn’t apparent from outside their latest window concept display.

But when you go in and have a closer look, you’ll see what I mean:

Just remember: White-Orange, Orange, White-Green, Blue, White-Blue, Green, White-Brown, Brown. 🙂