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The nerdiest proposal ever (both are physicists)

physicists propose

I found this on Reddit. User bogus_wheel is a physicist and so is her boyfriend. This is how he proposed. Click for larger version. [original image]

Geek Fantasy: Transformers / G.I. Joe Crossover

optimus prime hiss


Scottish arms dealer Destro leads the Baroness and Cobra Commander to a crash site housing alien technology. From the wreckage, they repair and reprogram both the Autobots and Decepticons, enslaving them to exact world dominion over the entire planet. In response the United States forms an elite team called G.I. Joe

There is more than meets the eye. Unaware of the previous attrition between the Autobots and Decepticons, Cobra Commander treads on icy ground by putting the two factions too close for comfort, which goes to show that knowing is half the battle.




This comic crossover series was released in 2003 by Image and surely would cater to geek fantasy if this made the next movie. Wishful thinking on my part.

Just arrived: DrinkBot Decanter, Robot Box Shots, Charooba Mug





Drinking is fun with the TikiBar TV DrinkBot Decanter, Robot Box Shot Glasses and the Official Charooba Mug. 🙂

Who wants to review these with me?

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Crumpler High Street overflowing with Corona and Cheetos

It’s been almost a week since Crumpler Philippines announced the local chapter of Beer for Bags. Let’s check out some of the photos of beer stacked outside the Cumpler store.

I took these today, after coming from an appointment:




Wow, that’s a loadful of Cheetos! Sadly for those who still are planning on exchanging their beer for bags, most of the stock is gone. I wanted the Maurice messenger bag for my 13 inch MacBook — but that’s gone too.

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Exchange Beer for Crumpler Bags — now in Bonifacio High Street!

EDIT: Just to add, Charlie Paw says that the bags are actually 30% to 50% cheaper when bought with beer. That’s 50% to 70% discount:

The cost of the beer for the exchange of each bag is just 30 to 50% of the price of the bag So its like getting less 50 to 70 % off plus you get to drink all the beer you want during the Crumpler Beer for Bags party on the 27th

Free Crumpler loot bags for the first 50 beer bringers on Feb 21 [PhilMUG]


OMG! IT’S FINALLY HERE! We found out that Charlie and the guys behind Crumpler Philippines are replicating the Beer for Bags promo which Crumpler is known for worldwide! The mechanics are simple — there is only one currency and that’s BEER!

I just had to ask Charlie if this was true — YUP! YUP! he says and it’s happening for one whole week with a culminating beer party in Warehouse 135!

I stole this BEER = BAGS exchange rate diagram from Chuvaness’ site so please click on it to enlarge:


What?? No Red Horse?? Anyway…

If you’ve been wanting a spankin’ new Crumpler bag AND give up alcohol, NOW is the best time to let go of your beers – lock, stock and barrel. Bring your beers (and cheetos!) from February 21 to 25 and you can exchange them for bags. According to Chuvaness, anyone who exchanges their beer also qualify for tickets to Warehouse 135 on February 27 for a Crumpler Beer Party (with Cheetos)!

I’m just wondering though … can we exchange Crumpler bags for beers? 🙂