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Paalam na, house (Tribute to AJ Matela 1982-2011)

AJ and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg at the back seat of my car. This was straight from Wordcamp 2010 in Manila.

Ang Buhay ni Boy by jayveef

I was listening to an old podcast I helped record back in 2007. It stars several friends from the Internet, with AJ taking center stage playing the role of “Boy” for this short radio play. I remember we all came together to Juned’s place to record this right after I told them I got a new podcast microphone. To fully appreciate this listen, you have to realize that everything spoken here was impromptu and I kept on rewinding AJ’s final lines as he closed the episode.

Pero marami din ako natutunan sa bahay na ito, pero kailangan ko nang umalis. Natutunan ko na kahit anong kailangan natin, kung paano tayo magmahal .. basta taos puso ang pagmamahal natin … yun ang importante. Tsaka natuto ko rin na hindi lahat ng … hindi mo naman kailangan maging beauty queen, hindi mo kailangan maging designer … hindi naman ganun ang lahat. Kung bakla ka, o bading ka hindi naman kailangan na tawagan kang i-stereotype. Hindi naman ganun lahat.


Natutunan ko lang basta taos sa puso ang pagmamahal mo mabubuhay ka ng maligaya. Aalis na ako. paalam na, house. — AJ Matela (September 10 1982- September 9 2011)


AJ’s family and friends need our help to raise funds for his hospital bills. Please head on over here for details.

Gabe Mercado’s ‘Bagong Gising’ Video Blog

Caught up with Gabe Mercado during the Apple Snow Leopard launch. Over lunch, we discussed his latest masterpiece, “Bagong Gising” ( a daily 2 minute videocast with only one premise:

Posting a video is the first thing I do every morning. Walang hilamos. Walang ligo. Walang sipilyo.

Also, Walang wiwi. This is perhaps the least pretentious podcast on the face of the modern Filipino Internet.

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Audible Pick: Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls

Sweeney Todd on stage

Sweeney Todd, the “Demon Barber” is a fictional serial killer of Jack the Ripper legend. I managed to find the audio book on Audible. The selection is a good listen as it isn’t really an audio book but a full radio drama of BBC “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” depth. The book is available for about USD $13.00.

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b5media tech podcast – ‘Branches sold seperately’

It’s been a while since we recorded something. In this podcast for the b5media technology channel, Mike Abundo and I talk about evangelizing the farmers as well as many other things for the Emerging Earth.


Not that I’m preempting a regular b5media tech podcast – I don’t want to promise anything. But I do hope I can keep this up and open the invitation to the other b5media tech channel bloggers.

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Stephen Colbert: I am America (And So Can You!)


I’m a faithful listener of Leo Laporte’s TWiT podcasts. For the past few weeks they took in as a sponsor partner offering a free audio book (1 credit) and a 14 day free trial. To many peoples’ disappointment though – most especially to the international crowd, the free audio books were not made available outside the USA.

It was not until a few weeks later (that’s today) that I decided to visit the site once more to see if the free audio book promotion still applied outside the USA. Well paint me green and call me Gumby. It works!

Searching through the list of books, I decided to make use of the free credit to download Stephen Colbert’s latest, I Am America (And So Can You!), read by Stephen Colbert himself. As I’m finding myself on the go more often, I really cannot find logistics to bring around a heavy book. Definitely a godsend for moi iPod.

Try it out at 🙂