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Nokia DiscOVIries: Last Week’s Winner for “Cheese”


Last week I announced a special guest judge. Presenting Gabe Mercado!

Here is Gabe’s choice for winning entry. Congratulations to Dianne Pena!

Speaking of cheese, Gabe organizes Sing-A-Longkot at mag:net Bonifacio High Street: sappy songs which we secretly love. That, and S.P.I.T. Check them out on Facebook.

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Corregidor, The Remake


So my Tuesday was particularly interesting. Gabe Mercado (@gabemercado) called the day previous inviting me to sample a new Magsaysay Group product offering for Tantin, our common friend from PhilMUG.


Corregidor is an underrated wonder, being stereotyped as an “old” tourist spot that brings back the memories of MacArthur’s folly. I remember experiencing the gun battery and Malinta Tunnel tours when I was younger and really, this is what Corregidor has been stereotyped into. There’s so much potential!


As it turns out, the recent turnover of operations to the Magsaysay group in the past two years (I sure hope I got these facts right) allowed them to rebrand Corregidor into something more than the “Rock” of Manila, adding other recreational activities apart from team building activities and historical tours.

Nothing final yet but imagine this: a true one hour journey (while sleeping!) from Manila Bay is an island park where you can bike, hike, jog, run, camp, bird watch, dive, snorkel, surf, sail to your hearts content. The exact words: we are turning Corregidor into a “central park” for Manila. The zip line is almost complete and will open in November.

You know what would be cool? Airsoft!! (as long as you use biodegradable bullets)

Stay tuned! This is Corregidor 2.0, a good reason to say “I shall return!”

Gabe Mercado’s ‘Bagong Gising’ Video Blog

Caught up with Gabe Mercado during the Apple Snow Leopard launch. Over lunch, we discussed his latest masterpiece, “Bagong Gising” ( a daily 2 minute videocast with only one premise:

Posting a video is the first thing I do every morning. Walang hilamos. Walang ligo. Walang sipilyo.

Also, Walang wiwi. This is perhaps the least pretentious podcast on the face of the modern Filipino Internet.

Better Radio Ads with the Antennanator: Sleek, Italian Design

Stuck in a rut with the same old redundant radio copy? Having a hard time cramming everything in 30 seconds or less? Gabe Mercado introduces the Antennanator. It’s concept is pretty simple: if you need better ideas, get a better antenna.

For more details, please call 813-1315 and get your free Antennanator today! You can also visit the Official Antennanator Blog.

Never fear, for the Antennanator is now making waves (radio waves that is!) in local shores. And what good timing as well, because the KBP radio awards is up and coming!

Public Notice: Beware of Fake Antennanators!

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Let’s SPIT @ mag:net (an Exclusive Blogger-Only Event)


I’m excited. Yeah I really am. By no doubt I’ve always been vocal about what a great place mag:net cafe BHS is – great memories with many great people from Geek Chorus, the Lomo folks, LU and Yehey!, and acquaintances from PR and advertising. We all seemed to converge here on Mondays or Tuesdays for Rockeoke or SPIT, whatever the poison was (turns out beer wasn’t the real poison).

But yeah I’m especially excited for this event. This is an exclusive blogger-only meet up sponsored by David and Goliath, the makers of the famous “Bloggers Suck!” tees. They will be launching a new shirt line on Tuesday, May 6 2008. And really, if you’re a mag:net patron, Tuesday nights are SPIT nights — once you’ve been spat at, you’ll crave for more!

The sign up sheet is posted here. Please feel free to sign up for the David and Goliath Event at mag:net.

P.S. mag:net BHS now has free WiFi.