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Let’s SPIT @ mag:net (an Exclusive Blogger-Only Event)


I’m excited. Yeah I really am. By no doubt I’ve always been vocal about what a great place mag:net cafe BHS is – great memories with many great people from Geek Chorus, the Lomo folks, LU and Yehey!, and acquaintances from PR and advertising. We all seemed to converge here on Mondays or Tuesdays for Rockeoke or SPIT, whatever the poison was (turns out beer wasn’t the real poison).

But yeah I’m especially excited for this event. This is an exclusive blogger-only meet up sponsored by David and Goliath, the makers of the famous “Bloggers Suck!” tees. They will be launching a new shirt line on Tuesday, May 6 2008. And really, if you’re a mag:net patron, Tuesday nights are SPIT nights — once you’ve been spat at, you’ll crave for more!

The sign up sheet is posted here. Please feel free to sign up for the David and Goliath Event at mag:net.

P.S. mag:net BHS now has free WiFi.