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The Jayvee and Katie Show – “What’s your angle?”

In this episode, Kate and I talk about the Friendster profile angles phenomenon, put on a small demo, and give some tips on how to take better profile shots. For a higher quality download of the show, proceed here.

We’re giving out prizes too! There are two contests with prizes up for grabs. Kate is giving away lady stuff and I’m giving away two Timbuk2 rugged iPod cases. Though the contest is open to everyone, we can only ship prizes within Metro Manila. You can send your photo entries to me at jayveefernandez dot com or leave comments for the “camera-happy” terminology.

I apologize in advance for some editing issues. This is my first attempt to do editing using an extract audio feature to display photos over running sound.

UPDATE: Olive Castillo of RockEd has discussed a similar topic, identifying the guidelines to taking “friendster shots.”

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An attempt to bring back Philippine Radio Drama

Last night, a few of us aspiring voice actors made an attempt to bring back the cheesy yet classic art of Philippine radio drama shows we often heard on AM radio into the Philippine Internet.

Without further ado, here is the episode entitled “Ang Buhay ni Boy” (The Life of Boy). Apologies to the foreign listeners as most of this drama is recorded in our vernacular. Nonetheless, as Inigo mentioned in the second episode of the Inigo and Inaki podcast, Filipinos have a sing-songy intonation when we speak because of our “Iberian heritage.” Enjoy the intonations 🙂


Alternatively, you can hop over to the BuggedCast to view a complete list of all the shows I helped guest, edit and host.

The podcast has been mentioned at the @Play column of Joey Alarilla. (Hey Joey, we were actually thinking of doing a ‘Gabi Ng Lagim Reloaded’ in our future episodes. 🙂 )

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The Jayvee and Katie Show: Reloaded :)

I was able to tinker with iMovie HD a bit more and realized that it is a far more superior product to the new iMovie ’08. When I wrote about the new iLife ’08 package weeks ago, I did mention that both apps have their strengths and weaknesses and this still holds true. The new iMovie is best suited for 5 minute on-the-fly video productions because all you need to do is cut and paste your most engaged moments on film and add music.

I retouched the first episode of The Jayvee Show using iMovie HD and have uploaded a higher quality version for download. The differences are:

  • included a field video of the books
  • added an intro and outro
  • resized video to fit screen


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Talk WITH the hand!

For the longest time I’ve held on to the premise that video podcasts should only be done when you have something value-added to show off that can’t be conveyed through a regular audio podcast. On a more practical note, audio podcasts are also much easier to download and can be utilized for a more flexible listening experience while in transit. If your video show is composed of talking head(s), why not just extract the audio and you’ll most likely get the same result?

Lately though, I feel like taking that statement back. I’ve started to become more interested in these “talking heads” shows where you see one, two or more people propped on chairs deep in an avid discussion. Notice the facial expressions of people on video who are very passionate and enthusiastic. Look at the hand gestures and movements they make to and from their seats. Notice the rapport that develops as they face one another.

These small changes in body language contribute to an inflection you do not notice on audio. Which is why I feel it would always be good to do video podcasts with people who are very expressive and restless. Body language can convey other feelings such as sincerity, concern and sadness. Have you been watching Darren Rowse’s weekly Problogger videos? He’s always pleasant – which is on tangent to his online writing personality.

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Presenting Inigo and Inaki

I’d like to welcome Inigo and Inaki to the blogosphere. Podcast can be streamed at The BuggedCast. In their first episode, Inigo and Inaki talk about the history of inihaw (specifically ‘lechon’ or roast pig), a Filipino delicacy.

Warning: Mature language and use of local dialect and a lot of slang.