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Announced: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia E72, Nokia 3710 Fold


Just finished the keynote speech and device showcase for day 1 of Nokia Connection. Below is the rundown (as far as I could catch up) of the event, in live blog format. The keynote highlights after the jump.

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Rediscovering Lost Eden by Bio Research


UPDATE: For those of you who have read my dad’s column on the Ashitaba Leaf, you can easily propagate the shrub ocne you procure it from them. The Ashitaba are not being sold – they are being given away. All you need to do is print out his column and bring it to Bio Research in Sucat so they can give you the plant which you can propagate yourself.

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I’m not sure if I’ve declared it in public, but I’m a fish geek. I’ve kept freshwater fish since I was a kid, had an aquarium in every room at home (community tank, live breeder tank, cichlid tank), wrote my term paper about breeding habits of guppies, kept koi, and even stopped eating fish for several years because of a childhood trauma. It was the fish that helped forge good friendships as well with fellow hobbyists like blog friends Riane and Juned.

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Destination home; Rockeoke Night

Siam Reap, Angkor

So we’re flying home in a few hours from the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh. The vacation was great. Angkor Wat was fabulous as well. I learned a good deal about Cambodia and how, although it is a tourist destination, still doesn’t feel like a tourist trap. All in all, this was a vacation long overdue and I’d recommend the Ho Chi Minh – Siam Reap destination to anyone who wants to explore another nook of Asia.

More photos and experiences, alongside a lens review coming up in the next few days. Oh by the way, if any of you are up for it, ROCKEOKE NIGHT is happening at 10:00 PM. Fresh from our trip, we’ll be dropping by mag:net Serendra at around ten tonight for another chance at 5 minutes of YouTube fame.

Let’s Join Us! 😛

Photo credit from Phoebe Ann.

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Science is Fun!

Peeping and excited!

When I was a lot smaller, I held a close fascination to theme parks, science projects and anything that had to do with planets. If all it took to become an astronaut was a face, I’d probably be in the moon right now. So when Anton invited to celebrate Our Awesome Planet’s anniversary, I really could not resist to go because the kiddie party included a tour inside the SM Science and Discovery Center. There I am peeping through the blinds like a little boy (And yes, those are Crocs).

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New advertiser on board: Nokia Philippines

Though I don’t actively pursue direct advertising on this blog, I’ve worked out an advertising deal with Nokia Philippines together with Ogilvy to make use of the 468 x 60 ad space prominent beside my blog’s logo. Nokia is promoting the new N82 Nseries phone.

In line with this, they are holding several advertising and PR campaigns through online advertising, projects and real world events. I talked a bit about the ambassador position I accepted last December to promote the Nokia N82. All I can say is that in the next few weeks, Nokia Philippines will be launching a series of projects to reintroduce the wireless lifestyle the company strongly believes in.

Stay tuned, dear friends!