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Announced: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia E72, Nokia 3710 Fold


Just finished the keynote speech and device showcase for day 1 of Nokia Connection. Below is the rundown (as far as I could catch up) of the event, in live blog format. The keynote highlights after the jump.

Welcome to Nokia Connection 2009 in Singapore!

Nokia Connection 2009 is starting. Please refresh the page for latest updates.

10:35 AM # Nokia Connection Keynote Over — great unveil with demo units all around. Ciao! More updates later! Stay tuned!


10:31 AM # The Nokia 3710 Fold announced. Basically a mid range phone with Ovi Share, Ovi Store and Nokia Messaging. Better interface to update people on the Ovi rollout.


10:30 AM # Yay! Nokia 5530 announced as well. Bigger upgrade to the 5800 XpressMusic. Instant access to entertainment wirelessly. Instant access to social networks.


10:27 AM # Nokia E72 announced. How sad! My E71 is obsolete! The E72 capitalizes on instant messaging service in the same way that the E71 was a great email tool. New intuitive Navi key for scrolling and browsing.

10:25 AM # Chris Carr back on stage. Basically was a wrap up of the Asian market, which is strong on SMS and music.

10:23 AM # Nokia Life Tools a success in India, where it pioneered. Hmm what did Nokia pioneer in the Philippines?

10:15 AM # Let’s talk about music. Over 3 million tracks downloaded since February in Singapore.Consumer downloads abre based highly on what is heard on radio. Discovered that the album is coming back — preference to download full albums vs single tracks (this is in Singapore)


10:19 AM # Indonesia has big success for Ovi Mail

10:13 AM # Comes with Music: MONETIZE FREE. I like this catch phrase.

10:11 AM # Ovi Store Statistics: 152 countries accessing store since launch, 75 devices in 5 different languages, mobile billing payment gateway from 27 operators, the #1 free category for downloads is applications, and number one for premium paid content would be games — no surprise here!

10:07 AM # UNVEILED:: Nokia N97. The new wiget functions are the new hghlight of the brand new flagship phone. The Ovi store is available to over 70 different Nokia devices.

10:07 AM # Eek, Internet a bit wonky

10:01 AM # Nokia Ovi Store and Forum Nokia. Discussion on Map API’s and other developer tools. Over 1.5 million vists per month on their website

9:59 AM # New focus area: creating irresistable solutions and vibrant ecosystems

9:56 AM # NAVTEQ technology for GPS – location based stuff, one of Nokia’s major investments thus far. Gives you a sense of where they’re going.

9:53 AM # Mobile Internet isn’t the Internet on your phone. It is about connecting people to what matter them, having access to information 24/7. There is also a strong altruistic purpose to this, allowing people who otherwise do not have access to information to be given more opportunity. I guess she’s referring to Nokia Life Tools and Mail on Ovi.


9:51 AM # The Internet: from “web brochure” to eCommerce to personalized content. More than 1.8 million people are becoming mobile phone adapters per day, mostly in developing countries.

9:48 AM # Mary McDowell, Executive VP and Chief Development Officer to deliver Keynote. Talks about bridging the physical with the virtual world, something which I think is very applicable in the Philippines, with blog events and such every week.

9:47 AM # Talking about Ovi Mail launch in several developing countries

9:46 AM # Ovi Store contextual to what region you are.

9:40 AM # Chris Carr on stage, VP of Sales South East Asia Pacific. Talking about “being freed from physical time and space. People want to contribute to the Internet”

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

9 replies on “Announced: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia E72, Nokia 3710 Fold”

Cool! With all this new technology and gadgets from Nokia, I hope our local telecoms can provide an equally good and fast connection. For one, I’m not happy with Globe Edge right now. It’s as fast as a snail! 😀

Out of the 3 the most promising one is 5530 Xpress Music.It looks more attractive than 5800 and comes at a cheaper price.I am very excited about this cellphone.
I don’t like the design of 5800,now with the arrival 5530 I’m very happy.Thanks,Nokia.

Thanks for sharing this, i felt i’m in the actual convention. I bought my nokia 5530 and this is the nicest touch screen phone i had so far. I didn’t want the bulkyness of the iphone that’s why i never purchased and i’m glad nokia released this sleek touch screen phone. i love the application flexibility. Just sure hope Nokia put the quick office application in default apps like on the N73 to save buyers the trouble of finding one, or pretty much hacking it on. hehe! i love this music phone. 🙂

The Nokia 3710 Fold is a 3G handset which supports high speed connectivity. It has good camera and pretty music player. It has all the features of a modern, everyday phone, but is sleek and advanced enough to compliment business people as well. Its call quality is very good.

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