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Rediscovering Lost Eden by Bio Research


UPDATE: For those of you who have read my dad’s column on the Ashitaba Leaf, you can easily propagate the shrub ocne you procure it from them. The Ashitaba are not being sold – they are being given away. All you need to do is print out his column and bring it to Bio Research in Sucat so they can give you the plant which you can propagate yourself.

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I’m not sure if I’ve declared it in public, but I’m a fish geek. I’ve kept freshwater fish since I was a kid, had an aquarium in every room at home (community tank, live breeder tank, cichlid tank), wrote my term paper about breeding habits of guppies, kept koi, and even stopped eating fish for several years because of a childhood trauma. It was the fish that helped forge good friendships as well with fellow hobbyists like blog friends Riane and Juned.