Toasting to the New Year


To 2008 … for experiments that were fun while they lasted. For renewed friendships, and friendships that were transformed beyond the workplace. For loyal friends and conflicts resolved. For losing friends. For wasting time. For prudence and unbridled gestures. Such is life. And in it, there is the folly of wisdom.

To 2009 … and hopefully more of the same. Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t. (Polonius, Hamlet)

Happy New Year!

N.B. the image above is a screen cap from an interesting … project I worked on *last* year that never went live. That’s me and Adel Gabot talking about Plurk. Ah yes, Plurk. The year was more interesting with it. 😉

Congratulations Moleskine winners!

Wow, what a run! We had 122 entries for the Moleskine contest we did last week and today we announce our two winners! For the first prize, we are giving away a Moleskine notebook courtesy of Jasper Ong of Avalon.PH. Many thanks to Jasper for sponsoring this contest.

Our winners had to answer the question, “when are you most inspired to write?” in the comments section to qualify.

And the winner of the ruled Moleskine notebook is ….

I’m excited and inspired, mostly, after waking up and having a great vivid dream.

And our second prize winner for the three cahiers (courtesy of me) is …

When I’m about to sleep, when I’m with rubber duckie, OR when someone pisses me off at work. 😀

Thanks for sending in valid emails! We’ll get your moleskine notebooks in your doorstep this week! I’ll be running a second contest very soon – to score tickets this time!

Didn’t win a Moleskine notebook? You can try to win one again from November 18 to November 21 at, where the next contest will be held.

Contest: Moleskine Giveaway from Avalon.PH

Jasper Ong from Avalon was generous enough to sponsor this contest. It’s part of a blog marketing campaign being done by Avalon.PH. If you’re a fan of rare collectible books (signed by authors!) as well as used tomes and other gift items, Avalon’s online store is where it’s at.

Avalon is giving away a Moleskine Ruled Notebook for this raffle as the grand prize. I’m going to up the ante and give away a second prize – which is a spare set of three Moleskine Cahiers! Isn’t that cool?!

Contest Rules

1. This contest is open to Philippine based residents only.
2. To enter the contest, you need to leave a comment on this post with a valid email address
3. In the comment section you need to answer the question, “when are you most inspired to write?”
4. You can enter the raffle contest as many times as you want but you need to leave a different answer each time you join.
5. I will be drawing the winners when the contest closes using Luck of the Draw. The contest closes at 11:59 PM GMT+8 on November 18 2008.

Mostly Everything

The Perils of Being a Freelance Writer in the Philippines

This morning, “Big Brian” Ligsay made me listen to a radio drama he read titled Kawatanan ng Rentas Internas which is the sad yet humorous reality of applying for a TIN or tax number at the Bureau of Internal Revenue in this developing country I’ve come to love. Now that I look back into my professional life, I’m glad that I jump started my career in a reputable corporation so as not having any problems acquiring my TIN and not being subject for questioning for my credit card application. Personal advice — work for a company first to get your act together, then quit your job to become an entrepreneur.

Paano pala kung kailangan mo ng lisensya para magsulat? Isang physical manifestation ng concept ng poetic license? Kung sa drivers license may mga restrictions tulad ng “vehicle – up to 4500 kg GVW” […] paano kaya yung sa poetic license? (1) haiku and short essays only (2) essays up to 500 words and free verse up to 5 stanzas (3) essays above 500 words and free verse above 5 stazas (4) critical essays, short fiction, poetry, etc.”

[What if you needed a license to write? A physical manifestation of the concept of “poetic license?” If in the driver’s license you have restrictions such as …]

You can listen to this well read radio drama. The show is entirely in Taglish, an amalgamation of English and our local language Filipino. Highly recommended for us freelancers!


Code Monkey Unplugged Lyrics Chords and Tabs

Songwriter Jonathan Coulton dedicates this song to anyone who has served as a code monkey in a software corporation. The song is great stuff but what really struck a chord was when he performed an unplugged version that turned the entire thing into a ballad.

So yeah it struck a chord, so I decided to transcribe bits and pieces of the song into tabs for all your guitar folks to try out. For reference, this is the plugged in version of the song and this is the unplugged version. He also has a YouTube video up for the acoustic version of Code Monkey.

Code Monkey Tabs