i used to write poetry

During my “Sunday alone time” I accidentally uncovered some of the poetry I used to write back in college. I’m not sure if I actually posted some of in my old blog so pardon my French if I indulge myself in a memory of what I used to do.

Like a Lover

If you sing to me
Like a lover in love,
If you bathe my tears with tears;
If you, like a lover, soften my blows
Against today’s winter
And kiss me like spring –
Be it a caress of feather
Or a sorrowful weather.
Dream with me in a slow dance of Time.
Love me forever, in one
Scarlet embrace, and kiss me, dear, with
An undressed heart,
And a wet teardrop
That finds way through a river’s face,
Like a lover in love.

– jayvee fernandez

I wrote this for someone I used to like in college. It never became us but we watched three movies together, had one dinner date and I remember calling her once when she moved to the States. And no, we never kissed. I remember we held hands once, but we were both pasmado. Hehe.

The After Mac

Though we haven’t been officially announced to the world yet, The After Mac is up and live on the b5media blogroll. I’m blogging side by side with Adel Gabot. I don’t need to re-introduce this fun guy.

Special mention to Jon, our ever patient channel editor who’s there for the ride as well! Ironically, he’s the LINUX dude at b5. Woot!

Adel writes:

I’m a Mac evangelist wherever I go, but despite my fanaticism and residency in the Mac loony bin, I am still (oddly) cognizant of the shortcomings of our friends from One Infinite Loop. I love Macs, but I am aware there are a few things (precious few, but they’re still there) that other platforms are better at. After all this time with Apples and Macs, I have learned to step back and take a good look at what’s coming out from there and have some objectivity. I drink the kool-aid, but in moderation. I get as giddy as the next Machead over Keynote Addresses, but I still have the ability to slip out of the reality distortion field long enough to look at all things Mac with a critical eye. Sort of a tough love thing.

Which is part of the raison d’etre for this blog. Aside from covering, praising, reviewing, commenting, slobbering, sniping and poking fun at Macs and the Apple scene, we’d also like to have a sober, reasonable and sane attitude toward the platform we all love. Which means we’ll call spades spades here. The occasional voice of conscience, if you will. But more than anything, this blog will cover what has always been insanely great. Or insanely not.

So there you have it. If any of you feel you got stories about your Mac joys and frustrations that you want to share, send them our way.

Ever since the Jobs-Disney empire merger, we’ve been getting really interesting Adsense stuff like this one:

Hehe! Bookmark us now, fellow Mac afficionados. We promise daily updates.

the art of tipping as I understand it

src=’/wp-content/uploads/tipping.jpg’ align=”left” hspace=”10″ alt=” />I haven’t mastered the art of tipping. There seem to be several rules on service tipping which are indicative of the cultural bilaws of the restaurant. For instance, when the bill indicates an additional service charge, that should mean that you already tipped the waiter in the compulsary. There is also the voluntary 10% service charge tip, a rule of thumb if you may, when no service charge is indicated on the bill.

The 10% fluctuates depending on how good the service rendered is. This is also a tool the service renderer can use to determine whether he or she is doing a good job.

Therefore, when the MMDA traffic enforcer stops you for violating traffic, it is always good to give a tip to show that his services are appreciated.

my message for 2006

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