Contest: Moleskine Giveaway from Avalon.PH

Jasper Ong from Avalon was generous enough to sponsor this contest. It’s part of a blog marketing campaign being done by Avalon.PH. If you’re a fan of rare collectible books (signed by authors!) as well as used tomes and other gift items, Avalon’s online store is where it’s at.

Avalon is giving away a Moleskine Ruled Notebook for this raffle as the grand prize. I’m going to up the ante and give away a second prize – which is a spare set of three Moleskine Cahiers! Isn’t that cool?!

Contest Rules

1. This contest is open to Philippine based residents only.
2. To enter the contest, you need to leave a comment on this post with a valid email address
3. In the comment section you need to answer the question, “when are you most inspired to write?”
4. You can enter the raffle contest as many times as you want but you need to leave a different answer each time you join.
5. I will be drawing the winners when the contest closes using Luck of the Draw. The contest closes at 11:59 PM GMT+8 on November 18 2008.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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i am most inspired to write when i want to win something.when a writing contest comes up, i have all the energy in the world to come up with the most creative and unique ideas for my entry inorder for me to win and get the prize that i want..

I can’t help but write when I’ve just woken up from a vivid dream. I want to record as much detail I could remember from the dream and then later get back to it and write a full story about it.

I am most inspired to write after listening to an insightful message at church. Sometimes I would scribble down some notes even while the service is going on so I don’t forget my thoughts/ideas.

Not really the most inspiring time, but when I’m at the shower, I get to think a lot. And deep. And a lot of my feature-length blog posts and articles are thought up here.

Or this is the time I get to recall stuff I have to do, but haven’t done yet, or stuff I have to write about, but haven’t done so.

I am inspired when I am on the bus on my way to work. I try to be productive in the face of early morning traffic.

I am most inspired during those few minutes before dozing off, where I get to think about how my whole day went.

I am most inspired to write when my temper flares, my libido shoots, my thirst scourges, my nostalgia strikes, and my dog closes his eyes…

Most inspired to write…
poetry – when I’m feeling down/depressed
songs – when I’m in the shower (oddly enough)
essays – when I’m at a coffee shop/when I’m most relaxed

My best writing time when I become very inspired is during the wee hours of the morning, around 3am to 6am, when everybody’s asleep and the silence just forces me to converse with myself, producing very thoughtful pieces. The silence of the dawn offers a very encouraging atmosphere to think and write.

Of course, I am aware that this time of the day is the spookiest of all. I just try to silence the fearful voice in me so I could focus on my writing. Hehehe.

A lot of ideas hit me while onboard the MRT. So I’d always want to write while there but I can’t and you know why. Think elbow-to-elbow proximity. In other times, it’s just not comfortable to write there. So I wait until I get to my destination, if I haven’t forgotten that idea yet, that is.

I’m most inspired to write when it’s raining, looking out the rain-streaked window. It’s such a comfort to be inside the house, facing a blank page where I can write down my thoughts.

markodelapena (at) gmail (dot) com

I am most inspired to write right after experiencing something new, different, absolutely amazing and or breathtaking 🙂 Oh, and around 1-3am in the morning, I can write because all the people in the house are already sleeping. Peace and quiet 😀 hehe

i’m most inspired to write when i’m particularly ticked off about something. i just have this urge to write about it, and i think (and my grades are actually testament to this) that most of my best stuff was written about something i didn’t like. 🙂

When am I most inspired to write?

It all boils down to where I am (would be).

If I’m at home, that would be during the wee hours of the morning after baby and hubby had quietly settled down; when my part of the world is gently snoozing their cares away.

If at work, that would be around 6-7pm when most of my colleagues had left and braved the travel home due to traffic. Around me, it’s eerily silent and I got to think how busy the day went by and if I was productive enough.

If I’m in the beach, that would be early in the morning before the sun rises, seeing the tranquil beauty around me motivates me to write and be thankful for being alive.

If I’m on a weekend climbing trip, that would be on top of the mountain before the sun sets or the sun rises. I get to write beautiful thoughts of my aspirations and what I would want to do with my life…

I think most of us are inspired to write when we are alone, when everything is calm and beautiful around us, when our dreams and aspirations and even our sadness overwhelm us, when enchanting thoughts continuously dance in our heads…

I wouldn’t say that this particular time is the time I’m most inspired to write, but I get most of my best ideas (to write about) when I’m in transit, usually on the way home from work. Interestingly enough, though, I found out just recently that I’m equally inspired while waiting for lab test results in a clinic.

But to answer the question, I find it easier to write in the evening, until up to about 12 am, when sleep visits me.

All my ideas come at odd times, and I try to keep them all in my head for the moment where I can finally sit down and write them. The best time? When I know that I won’t have any distractions and can focus all my thoughts to what I want to put down.

Jayvee! I want a moleskine!!!! Haha. 🙂 I am most inspired to write when I am far away from the city, relaxing on the beach or in the mountains. 😛

I’m most inspired to write when I’m feeling down and blue. Along with making art, it’s my preferred form of therapy. 🙂

I’m not a writer, but I do keep what I call a morning journal. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I write my reflections on what has happened the day/night before, as well as my anticipations for the day. The early morning sunshine that’s coming through my bedroom window together with the chirping of the birds gets me in the mood to write.

There must be a stimulus whether internal or external but inspiration hits me when it does. It’s like lightning that strikes where and when it does. There’s really no telling when it will come. It just does.

When morning comes and light slants through the window, creating luminous patterns on the floor. Sets the perfect mood for writing!

I’m most inspired to write when I have a deadline looming. This works for short stories, scripts, comics, and even academic papers. My brain just churns out everything in a steady rhythm, sometimes even faster than my fingers can type.

The other “inspiration bubble” is when I know that I’m getting paid for my writing. Knowing that a magazine is spending precious cash on my words motivates me not to disappoint them. More often than not, this leads to more writing gigs for them. Hahaha :p

I write at random times but the time I’m most inspired is when something BIG happens in my life or something extraordinary even though it’s a little thing happened during that time.

I’m most inspired to write when I experience/read about something that fires me up. It either fires me up positively, or it fires me up the other way, and all of a sudden the words just come out. That something can be something beautiful and inspiring or downright ugly and objectionable. Or it can be an observation of other people’s responses that boggle my mind.

I write a lot on days when people ask my help looking for things. Items. Gadgets. Makeup. Books. Of course I can only write about things I’ve actually tried. It’s funny how they trust that recommendation (because they should really do their homework too), but I feel great when they write me back to say how pleased they are that they tried it out. I don’t even need coffee to write about that.

I am inspired to write during the most inconvenient of times — while driving, while doing the number two, while dozing off during a church service, and absolutely anytime when there is no pen and paper at hand. It ticks me off, really. I usually have no choice but to write on receipts, my friends’ foreheads (ala Phoebe in Friends), and any paper within my reach. And because I don’t want to end up with friends with my “thoughts and feelings” on their foreheads literally, pengeng moleskin.

Inspiration hits me when something that shouldn’t have happened ends up happening and also when something that could happen only once ends up making me wish it could happen again and again.

The trick for me is to write while in the moment: that minute that an idea struck me or when the emotions are fresh and boiling.

I am most inspired to write every time I get to finish a painting, a drawing or a sketch. I think of why I drew or painted the piece in the first place and then write about it. My writing juices flow while the smell of the paint on the canvas is still fresh on my nose. 🙂

I am most inspired to write when I’m either very down or very happy! = )
Inspiration overflows when I’m in those state of emotions.

I am most inspired writing stories, essays and such when I have friends with me who I know are also writing.

I don’t like writing alone, I like to write in groups.

Inspirations strucks me when there is a topic given by someone that I can easily relate to. Most especially when I have experienced that said topic.

I’m most inspired to write when I’m waiting… waiting for my turn during an interview, waiting for a friend to arrive, waiting for the bus to reach my stop. Of course most of the time I require myself to be inspired to write because it’s my job…

I am most inspired to write during early morning (when everyone is still asleep and quiet) or late at night. Though I write my thoughts, my to-do lists, etc at anytime of the day, I get to compile it and really write something about it early morning or late at night. I also feel inspired to write on a rainy day.

I get inspired to write whenever a thought, an event or a person strike me. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. I just have to write, scribble or note it down. Heck, I even have a small notepad and pencil in the bathroom. 🙂

When I’m about to sleep, when I’m with rubber duckie, OR when someone pisses me off at work. 😀

I am at my best writing mode when deafening silence surrounds me. When I’m all alone. Where all I can hear is the voice inside me. Where I can reflect and ponder on life.

I’m most inspired to write when I’ve experienced something that I’d like to remember forever – a special feeling after an event like a birthday, birth, death … or anything in between. Somehow immortalizing in words these special moments make them all the more special.

I itch to write when I get passionately curious about something and when I amuse myself observing the people around me. When I feel everything has already reached its end while in reality it has just started.

It is when my thoughts, ideas, and emotions lead me to different heights that I am most inspired to write. 🙂

Inspiration to write comes to me at any time of the day, but usually–and frustratingly–lots of my ideas come to me in the middle of the night, when I’m in bed and ready to sleep. This, unfortunately, makes me have to get up at least once or twice in the night to write some randomness down on paper. Lately the major themes that inspire me come from absolutely strange–downright weird–notions of about the world, mostly about the dead, ghosts, and, for some reason, cows. 🙂

When something BIG happens. Earth-shattering moments never fail to trigger the release of my creative juices!

Writing comes in naturally, maybe not most people feel this way but I am in my element to write whenever I hear songs that remind of things I should be greatful about. Songs with upbeat tunes and lyrics. I am hyper to write about almost anything whenever I feel hopeful about what would happen during my day.

I’m inspired to write either: after waking up, because I usually have weirdly awesome dreams (blame it on my crazy imagination) and I need to write them down immediately while I still remember the details. Or: when I experience something highly amusing/depressing/exciting, although when I’m excited I have a hard time writing things down because I want to do something else while I’m still in euphoria (but then again I remember that I need to write it down since the essence of what I want to write would mellow down if I write at a much later date, and it wouldn’t be as much fun to read in the near future).

One or a combination of the following: new writing instruments (handy dandy notebook and pen); aurgasmic music; an engaging conversation; the sun peeking from the horizon; an amazing read; an inspiring image/scenery; and an outpouring of emotions.

Inspiration is everywhere, thank God!

Books also serve as a great inspiration. Lots of times I’ve crossed passages or even mere phrases in books that open up plenty of possibilities for new ideas. What’s most amazing is that sometimes the thoughts and insights gained from a simple passage in a book can be completely different and unrelated to what the original is saying. The human mind is such a great thing.

Ooh, almost forgot. Reading poetry is one of my greatest inspirations. Lots of times, all I need to read is the first line of the poem and already an idea starts to blossom in my head. Sometimes, though, the things I write come out too close or similar to the original work, so I have to be extra careful when dealing with things like this. 😀

When it’s quiet, that’s the most suitable and inspiring time to write. Quiet thoughts leads to peaceful and beautiful pieces.

Inspiration hits me when I’m reading a really good book! Makes me want to write pages upon pages of mind-blowing prose!

The moment I wake up in the morning and I had a great dream. The ones that I remember only though.

Writing happy things: I’m inspired writing just seeing kids, when they are playing and laughing.

Writing sad things (drama): When I’m super down or experienced something tragic. A painful experience. Or even just seeing a puppy die makes me so sad that it moves me to write. = (

Just right after having a vacation. That’s one of my most inspiring time to write!

My mind is very peaceful by then, so ideas and thoughts are freeflowing.

When I have a beautiful, clean blank piece of paper staring right infront of me. (Moleskine notebook!*winkwink*)
That also inspires me to writewritewrite!

A blank piece of paper is like seducing me to vandalize its every corner. Irresistable! = p

I am most inspired to write when I am feeling all sorts of things and emotions are free flowing, and there’s a clean sheet of paper of reach and a nice pen to write with. Usually at night when everyone else it asleep and my mind is wide awake.

I can’t believe I never thought of this before. The first time I wrote a “serious” poem was in second year high school. It was right after this big, bad thing (for me, at least) happened. Oh, you can’t deny it was angst-ridden, but that experience was the one happening in my life that got me into writing poetry. I was writing prose long before that, but I really got into poetry in second year high school and, thanks to that, I’ve been writing poetry ever since… and more. Every time something major and emotionally stimulating (or draining, if you wish) happens, I get inspired to write.

I get inspired by listening to songs. Not just the “plain old spew out your feelings in words” kind, but the ones that have substance and meaning behind the lyrics. Usually, these types are the more well-written ones, with excellent metaphor and imagery and even humor at times.

I am inspired to write whenever my heart feels like there’s something to get out and translate into words on paper, for my pen to transcribe and flourish on the texture of a paper which will never know my emotions.

Most time it’s not a question of when I’m inspired to write. It’s more of why. True, there is a certain time of day when I’m most inclined to pick up my pen and notebook. But there is that lubricated flow of words because I feel the need to express a idea. Or else I might burst!

My inspiration comes from the elation you get when your hard work pays off, when something you did meant a lot to someone… its those moments that you want to treasure and remember as a short story poem or a even a simple journal entry. ^^;

Writing outlandish things/fantasy stuff: by just thinking of uber cute things. Right after reading a childrens book. Or watching a cartoon! Cartoon Network! = p

it’s hard to predict what can bring on the urge to write… intense experiences, simple nostalgia, a long-time pet peeve that’s been simmering in your head for a while.

but one way to get inspired is to actually start writing.

“sometimes we write to say what we want to say; sometimes we write to find out what we want to say.”

when i was an avid journal-writer, the look of the blank page felt like an invitation. it whispered to the pen in my hand and drew out its ink almost against my will. it was like seduction, and my empty journal pages seduced me into filling them every day.

Very early in the morning, when no one’s awake yet except you. Minimal distraction = maximum productivity.

I write when my feelings get the better of me. The words pour out in sadness, anger, enthusiasm, and yes, sometimes happiness.

I write when I want to remember, or when I need to forget. I write to frame the situations and states of mind in which I find myself, to give them a semblance of order and perhaps, of meaning.

I write to see where the writing takes me. In the past, I wrote rhymes for no reason; these days, I write for various reasons, with or without rhymes.

I write because I can.

I write because I am.

hi folks! thank you all for participating thus far! the contest closes tonight at 11:59 PM for entries so if you have some last minute inspirations, do leave them here 🙂

When my insomnia kicks in! I get so restless with thoughts buzzing in hyperdrive that the only way to get them to stop is to put it on paper. Then I can sleep.

According to an often quoted saying…
“If you wait for inspiration, you’re not a writer, but a waiter.”

I get inspired to write when I read witty lines like that.

I admit that more often than not, I am a waiter.

Looking out the window, just as the plane is taking off and seeing the world below get smaller every passing second.

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