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Why Did YouTube Ban Podline6?

A little bit of old news, but I still can’t get over the fact that YouTube had to remove podline6’s entire channel from their site. podline6 has been humbly covering old hits on piano and guitar for quite some time now, getting it spot on — and more — when he does covers by America and Bread. His version of “Hot Rod Hearts” on piano is even better than Robee Dupree’s. Above is my favorite America cover on guitar, “Are You There?”

Above: An emotional podline6 talks about copyright infringement

I’ve been a fan of Larry’s covers for more than a year but his account was suspended by YouTube for copyright infringement. Since when was it illegal to cover songs? It’s not like he was making any money out of it. Yeah, we know it isn’t YouTube’s fault, but record labels need to protect artists. Do artists really need all this protecting? If I were a musician and someone did a cover of my song, I’d be honored. But the record label won’t. And it’s not like he’s covering new songs … but that’s besides the point. In hindsight, why is it OK for other people to cover songs on YouTube and not be banned? And why was his entire channel banned?

So when I grab my guitar and cover songs by James Taylor, am I violating copyright law??

Larry has created a new account, under podline66 to continue to make people happy. He never did it for the money. Check his covers. He’s amazing.

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Wowed by these James Zabiela Promo Material



I like ’em because they’re are geeky. Especially the first peg, with the Bender action figure and the army of Daleks. YEP, James Zabiela is doing a big room at the A Venue this coming May 9 2009. Details below!


It’s not often you see promotional material like this for a big room event. You’ve probably seen the invite on Facebook and Multiply but I’m certain that these pegs aren’t as widespread. Heck, it isn’t even on the Driven Manila site. But hey, thanks to May Legaspi for sending these over (we can’t wait for Warehouse 135’s reopening!).

Aaaand tadah, here’s the copy:


Hailed the Best International DJ at Australia’s Dance Music Awards in 2006.
The Best British DJ by the DJ Mag Awards in 2007.
With more than one hundred DJ performances across different countries in 2008.


Regular Pre-selling – P500
Regular On-site – P700
VIP ticket – P1,000
VIP tables – P10K, P12K, P15K

For ticket inquiries and table reservations, call 8972472 OR 8957471.

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Tommy Emmanuel plays Angelina

Not a lot of people know Tommy Emmanuel. When you speak of guitar gods you probably won’t even hear his name. But he does exist, and he’s definitely one of the greatest.

Oh, found him on YouTube.

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How to get FREE Eraserheads Second Set Tickets


Today, BlogBank is launching a blogosphere-wide promo to score THE SECOND SET tickets to the Eraserheads. We are giving away 500 tickets (that’s good for two — so 1,000 tickets!!!) and we’re using BlogBank to propagate the news. If you see TULOY ANG LIGAYA on a familiar blog, it will lead you to a splash page that allows you to refer friends to an interesting new project called “Sandbox.”

Here are some samples of blogs with the promo, so you know what to look for:

Fritz Tentativa’s site:


Karla Redor’s site:


Technograph’s site:


As for the curious case of “Sandbox,” well … more details to be unveiled soon! 😉

Tuloy ang Ligaya! See you there!

Garage Band ’09 has world’s largest tuning fork


Hello Mac user. Have you upgraded to iLife ’09 yet?

Amidst the great reception of iPhoto ’09 and the woes for iWeb ’09 I must say that the biggest improvements to the suite are really with Garage Band ’09. If you play guitar for instance, the new version comes with a built in tuning fork! What it does: it uses your Mac’s internal mic as a tuning fork. I’m not exactly tone deaf but I have been training myself to find the perfect middle key of C to make tuning easier (actually it’s more like “E” since that’s the guitar’s 6th string). While you pluck each string, the computer detects if your key is in perfect pitch. You need to have a lot of relative quiet while doing this. In a noisy room – or depending how sensitive your mic is, you’re going to get wonk readings. But nonetheless, way cool!

The second feature I was excited to play around with was the artist tutorials. There’s nothing better than the Jonas Brothers teaching me how to play “We Got the Party.” There’s nothing better than having Sting teach me how to play Fragile for a mere six bucks.

When I launched it however, I was saddened to the nth degree:


Oh well, nothing for the Philippines yet. Nonetheless, Garage Band ’09 brings in a new dimension to creating music because it doesn’t just give you the tools to mix and create recordings, it teaches you how to do it Garage Band is moving from mere composition software to online music resource!