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My Facebook Behavior Findings

Here are some personal observations of my FaceBook habits. Are yours similar or completely different?

  • Deleting and ignoring apps can be a tedious process. Do you add every application that’s sent to you? The process is so tiring, it can be similar to writing off an entire cheque book or signing papers.
  • Some apps get old quickly. Some don’t. I’ve deleted WarBook, but kept my Big Photos. Yeah, it’s a matter of preference. As to what I’m more fascinated about is what makes an application stay in someone’s page. What are the benefits involved?
  • More of amusing really – that I’ve been using Facebook’s Inbox messaging system to conduct meetings with two or more people in threads. I’ve been finding it easier to use for managing conversations between three or more people as compared to using a group email system. What you can’t do however (at least from what I’ve tried) is add another person midway into the thread.

Do you also write for print?

In the Philippines, a number of bloggers I know have begun contribution stints for magazines because of their blogs. In the same light, a number of contributing writers for print have also begun writing blogs.

Here are some of the publications I have written for in the past. I currently write for some of these till today:

Mobile Philippines
PC Magazine Philippines
GAME! Magazine
CHALK Magazine (umm long story!)
Rogue Magazine
MANUAL Magazine
EPSON Vision Corporate Magazine
CANON Images Corporate Magazine

Do you also write for print publications? If so, which ones are they? Do they allow you to place your author bi-line with your blog address?

Have you ever accepted work from Craigslist?

You know, one of my favorite blogs on the tech channel is The Craigslist’s Curmudgeon. The “Curmudgeon” exposes the @$$ side of Craigslist, a site dedicated to online work mostly related to copywriting. But really though, Craigslist can help you earn a few hundred bucks on the side if you’re a freelancer. As an alternative to blogging, Craigslist can become a good source of online income for us starving artists.

Have you ever browsed through Craigslist’s job board? Have you ever taken up any offers from there? What was it like?

Mostly Everything

Two Blog Openings

Takashi of Yanko Design is looking for contributing authors for his blog. Yanko Design is perhaps one of the more famous, if not the most prominent blog on anything to do with design and innovation. I’ve been in touch with the guy for the past few months and he’s pretty cool to deal with. If you’re interested in applying please leave a comment and I’ll hook you up with him. Takashi is looking for authors who are passionate in the field of concept and design. The site speaks for itself. Check it out!

In a similar light, I am also looking for someone to take over an iPhone blog that was recently acquired by b5media. For interested applicants, please head over to and send in your application form. This is the regular process of application as applicants need to be entered into the b5media database.

Mostly Everything

SEMCON 2007 follow up and presentation slides

Talk about following up your SEM strategy – it’s been almost a week since I updated. Right after the two day conference, I headed out to Fort Ilocandia for a business conference with EPSON. Though wireless connection was available during the two day show, SmartBRO prohibited me from accessing the Philippine blogoshpere.

So better late than never: I’d like to thank everyone who attended SEMCON 2007. The event was a huge success, as the number of participants apparently exceeded expectations. Thank you to everyone for staying awake at the “unholy hour” after lunch to listen to my non-conventional approach to web copywriting. As I mentioned during the talk, there are so many tips on the Internet describing how exactly you should go about churning your 2,000 words per day.

After my talk, Anton Diaz reaffirmed my stand on developing a sense of rhythm for your copy. He says that rhythm is, more than artistic – a cultural trait. Filipinos are considered to be good writers because of our colorful musical culture, which according to Inigo and Inaki, is attributed to our Iberian Heritage.

Thank you to those who gave me your business cards. Silly me, I forgot to bring my own. But I have emailed everyone who sent me their contact information. Thank you.

It was a pleasure to meet Aaron Wall and his lovely wife. It was a pleasure to mingle with the other speakers as well. I also had the chance to join Marc, his lovely fiancee and the delegates from Malaysia for some clubbing before my flight. Thank you also to Lourd de Veyra for helping me out with his short audio clip. Of course, many thanks to Anton Sheker, Marc Macalua and the other organizers for SEMCON 2007. This conference can very well turn into what Chris Pirillo’s Gnomedex brings over in the Western side of the globe.