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‘Date a girl who blogs’ performed live in New York (among other Internet ramblings)

When: August 16th – 25th, 2012
Where: Under St. Marks, New York, NY
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Well, who would have thought, right? Got an email several days ago from Lively Productions, an amazing theater outfit (by amazing I mean really talented and funny) from New York. They asked me if I was willing to “lend” a familiar blog post I did last year — the one that shockingly got a lot of views here as well as re-blogs on Tumblr. ‘Date a girl who blogs‘ was making it into NY theater:

Blogologues: The Internet Performed, a delightful, tightly-choreographed revue of performed interpretations of blogs, tweets and other online novelties
Huffington Post

That’s halfway around the globe on the other side of the pond. I would have seriously loved to see them render it. If by chance you’re from there, do see them. Tickets! The videos they put online are hilarious, like this speed dating + creepy craigslist job offers mash up.

Here are some of the details:

The next Blogologuin’ installment continues its assault and exalt of all things webby. This time, we’re setting our sites (get it?) on the internet itself and all of those technowhatzits that connect us to the world. Wait. A show about blogs about blogs? Yeah, it’s just like a cute cat watching a video of himself on Youtube. It’s a beta-ful thing. So have words with friends, add it to your timeline, and join us at Blogologues!

Cast: Dave Thomas Brown, Matthew Cox, Allison Goldberg*, Jen Jamula* & Wendy Joy
Stage Manager: Becca Pickett*
Assistant Stage Manager: Casey Malone
Lighting Designer: Nick Solyom
Projection Designer: Dave Thomas Brown
Sound Designer: Matthew Cox
Board Op: Jim Armstrong

BLOGGERS: Alex Balk (The Awl), Amanda Miller (Brilliant Sulk), Donald Mills (Crabby Old Fart), Girl On The Contrary, Heather Monley (McSweeney’s), Japecake, Helen Killer (Regretsy), Jayvee Fernandez (A Bugged Life), Joe Marczynski (Sick Chirpse), Lucy Horton (A Little Lucidity), Sean Adams (McSweeney’s)…

Posts from Storify, Craigslist, DamnYouAutoCorrect, Facebook, Texts From Last Night, Twitter, When Parents Text, and more…


The Whale Sharks of Oslob

BIG 2015 UPDATE: I was part of an underwater video crew that helped document whale shark tourism practices in Oslob and Donsol. You can watch the trailer below. It is titled ‘On the Brink’ and will be shown next year (2016).

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: DENR has ordered that whale shark feeding be stopped in Oslob.

DENR-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau Director Theresa Mundita S. Lim gave the directive in a letter to the DENR regional executive director.

It was made in response to an email of whale shark researcher Elson Q. Aca addressed to DENR Secretary Ramon Paje “regarding the practice of feeding whale sharks by tourists and scuba divers in Oslob, Cebu.”

SunStar Cebu


EDIT: There is a similar practice with swimming with whale sharks in the island of Leyte and it seems to be more sustainable.


I promised myself that I would write about the controversy behind the whale sharks of Oslob on the condition that I see the phenomenon myself. Being there, seeing it — it contributes to being informed. Frankly I’m tired of “armchair activists” who pile on issues like this — making sweeping generalizations about what’s best for these fish yet are so far away removed from the situation while they drink their lattes and sport clothes that apparently have buttons made out of poached Philippine shells. All oblivious.

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Jayvee and Rico Present: Turn your laptop into a spa

OK so I miss doing video. And since I see Rico everyday we decided to try to do as much of these little episodes till both of us become Internet video rockstars.

Oh wait — Rico already has a commercial. And so do I! LOL. Almost forgot. We’re famous na pala.

(!!!) But we’ve never done video together so we hope you like it. In this debut episode of … we have no official name for it yet, we teach you how to turn your laptop into a USB-powered spa.


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Break muna! I was shot for Metro Magazine so let’s talk about that first!

“Are they sure they got the right Jayvee?” was all I could think of when Ria asked me if I was available for be shot for Metro. I remember at one point the conversation (via SMS) went something like:

“Wait lang, this is for a fashion thing? Isn’t Metro for fashion?”

“Well yes but you have a blog and it’s a feature on bloggers and cult followings.”

“Well, OK… Who am I going to be with?”

Lissa Kahayon and Saab Magalona.”

“Are you sure ba? Parang weird lang!” (JAYVEE –> PRESSURE)

I’ve never been shot for a fashion magazine so I was all the more pressured when they asked me to bring clothes that I thought would fit the occasion when in fact most of my apparel stretched between my geek getup (T-Rex with bunny slippers) and the very limited “club wear” I have when I need to be at events.

So I walk into the prepping room and lo and behold I’m the only boy (apart from the stylist). And i see hangers upon hangers of clothes from the previous shoots. Then I look into my **cute** bag and sheepishly pull out a bunch of clothes surrendering them to the stylist saying “I’m sorry but this is all I have! Please don’t kill me (with your fashion).”

So Mr. Stylist rummages through the first two pieces and his eyes open wide when he sees a green jacket (see photo!) I got for 15 Euros from a Zara sale in my last trip to Barcelona for MWC ’12. Saved by the sale! I actually bought two but this one was something I could bear wearing in the festering heat as they shot this in the middle of a summer afternoon. Outdoors.

Metro Magazine feature: Jayvee Fernandez, Saab Magalona, Lissa Kahayon

As it turned out the feature was more in-depth, looking at the different “social media cults” active in the local scene. It was great to see my ocean warrior / mermaid friend Anna Oposa and Ana Santos (who interviewed me about blogs way back and look at her now — she’s epic with her Sex and Sensibilities site). They were both featured for their respective causes — Anna for the oceans and Ana for RH. Well, with me, it was refreshing to not do the geek talk for a whole hour during the interview. Instead, Nante Santamaria and I talked about the blogging industry in general (been here since 2005!) and how its changed and how my blog has evolved since then. It’s been a long ride!

In any case, if you can, do grab a copy of the June 2012 issue of Metro Magazine with Mikee Cojuanco on the cover to see me in a green jacket.

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Epic! Photo made it to the cover of a Mary Higgins Clark novel

I’m really excited! I sold my very first photo for the cover of a paperback fiction publication. It’s for a Mary Higgins Clark novel published by Random House Germany. As it seems, there is an obsession with cats and Mary Higgins Clark.

I’ve sold a handful of photos before but this is the first time I’ve sold something through Flickr. Yep, believe it or not Flickr is still very much alive (looks like my pro account is good for something). This was for a photo I shot of my house cat + back lighting way back in 2006 (that was around the time when this blog was at its infancy). I had set the global options of my Flickr account’s Creative Commons license to full credit w/o commercial use and it is in such a case that I was contacted by the Random House Germany to purchase the photo for their paperback / eBook cover and collateral.

I guess the biggest tip I can give to people who are planning to sell their photos would be to be very aware of the CC licenses that you have set on your photos. You never know when an opportunity may just be lurking around the corner.