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Break muna! I was shot for Metro Magazine so let’s talk about that first!

“Are they sure they got the right Jayvee?” was all I could think of when Ria asked me if I was available for be shot for Metro. I remember at one point the conversation (via SMS) went something like:

“Wait lang, this is for a fashion thing? Isn’t Metro for fashion?”

“Well yes but you have a blog and it’s a feature on bloggers and cult followings.”

“Well, OK… Who am I going to be with?”

Lissa Kahayon and Saab Magalona.”

“Are you sure ba? Parang weird lang!” (JAYVEE –> PRESSURE)

I’ve never been shot for a fashion magazine so I was all the more pressured when they asked me to bring clothes that I thought would fit the occasion when in fact most of my apparel stretched between my geek getup (T-Rex with bunny slippers) and the very limited “club wear” I have when I need to be at events.

So I walk into the prepping room and lo and behold I’m the only boy (apart from the stylist). And i see hangers upon hangers of clothes from the previous shoots. Then I look into my **cute** bag and sheepishly pull out a bunch of clothes surrendering them to the stylist saying “I’m sorry but this is all I have! Please don’t kill me (with your fashion).”

So Mr. Stylist rummages through the first two pieces and his eyes open wide when he sees a green jacket (see photo!) I got for 15 Euros from a Zara sale in my last trip to Barcelona for MWC ’12. Saved by the sale! I actually bought two but this one was something I could bear wearing in the festering heat as they shot this in the middle of a summer afternoon. Outdoors.

Metro Magazine feature: Jayvee Fernandez, Saab Magalona, Lissa Kahayon

As it turned out the feature was more in-depth, looking at the different “social media cults” active in the local scene. It was great to see my ocean warrior / mermaid friend Anna Oposa and Ana Santos (who interviewed me about blogs way back and look at her now — she’s epic with her Sex and Sensibilities site). They were both featured for their respective causes — Anna for the oceans and Ana for RH. Well, with me, it was refreshing to not do the geek talk for a whole hour during the interview. Instead, Nante Santamaria and I talked about the blogging industry in general (been here since 2005!) and how its changed and how my blog has evolved since then. It’s been a long ride!

In any case, if you can, do grab a copy of the June 2012 issue of Metro Magazine with Mikee Cojuanco on the cover to see me in a green jacket.