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‘Date a girl who blogs’ performed live in New York (among other Internet ramblings)

When: August 16th – 25th, 2012
Where: Under St. Marks, New York, NY
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Well, who would have thought, right? Got an email several days ago from Lively Productions, an amazing theater outfit (by amazing I mean really talented and funny) from New York. They asked me if I was willing to “lend” a familiar blog post I did last year — the one that shockingly got a lot of views here as well as re-blogs on Tumblr. ‘Date a girl who blogs‘ was making it into NY theater:

Blogologues: The Internet Performed, a delightful, tightly-choreographed revue of performed interpretations of blogs, tweets and other online novelties
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That’s halfway around the globe on the other side of the pond. I would have seriously loved to see them render it. If by chance you’re from there, do see them. Tickets! The videos they put online are hilarious, like this speed dating + creepy craigslist job offers mash up.

Here are some of the details:

The next Blogologuin’ installment continues its assault and exalt of all things webby. This time, we’re setting our sites (get it?) on the internet itself and all of those technowhatzits that connect us to the world. Wait. A show about blogs about blogs? Yeah, it’s just like a cute cat watching a video of himself on Youtube. It’s a beta-ful thing. So have words with friends, add it to your timeline, and join us at Blogologues!

Cast: Dave Thomas Brown, Matthew Cox, Allison Goldberg*, Jen Jamula* & Wendy Joy
Stage Manager: Becca Pickett*
Assistant Stage Manager: Casey Malone
Lighting Designer: Nick Solyom
Projection Designer: Dave Thomas Brown
Sound Designer: Matthew Cox
Board Op: Jim Armstrong

BLOGGERS: Alex Balk (The Awl), Amanda Miller (Brilliant Sulk), Donald Mills (Crabby Old Fart), Girl On The Contrary, Heather Monley (McSweeney’s), Japecake, Helen Killer (Regretsy), Jayvee Fernandez (A Bugged Life), Joe Marczynski (Sick Chirpse), Lucy Horton (A Little Lucidity), Sean Adams (McSweeney’s)…

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