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Jayvee and Rico Present: Turn your laptop into a spa

OK so I miss doing video. And since I see Rico everyday we decided to try to do as much of these little episodes till both of us become Internet video rockstars.

Oh wait — Rico already has a commercial. And so do I! LOL. Almost forgot. We’re famous na pala.

(!!!) But we’ve never done video together so we hope you like it. In this debut episode of … we have no official name for it yet, we teach you how to turn your laptop into a USB-powered spa.


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Malacanang listens to blogger’s advice

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Although in real life, the Philippines has a new president, it didn’t reflect as such on the Internet. After President Benigno S. Aquino III was sworn in, Malacanang’s website, still had former president GMA’s face on their home page. Blogger Rico Mossesgeld noticed this and went the extra mile to “suggest” the change to the Malacanang web team through a blog post — with an HTML template of a placeholder while the site remains in construction.

This is Rico’s blog post with suggested HTML code.

This is the Malacanang website now with Rico’s placeholder text and tweaked HTML coding.

So it’s true. The president does listen.

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Demonstrating Spectograph: Sony VAIO Z series

Sony VAIO Z Series (VPCZ116GG/B) Specs

Last week I attended Sony’s VAIO launch and they revealed the availability of the new VAIO Z series. Sure, it’s great that we have product specs in press releases but it is double awesome that Rico is launching what I predict to be a valuable resource for tech bloggers. In the same way that we can embed YouTube videos, Spectograph allows you to embed product specs. That means you won’t need to copy + paste specs ever again!

Spectograph is the product of Rico Mossesgeld, founder and sole proprietor of Technogra.PH and Kiven Codamon.

Spectograph is still in beta.

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HAXX! My new column with TECHIE.COM.PH

Once a week, I contribute a few words to my new “how to” column, titled HAXX!. The other blogs are written by Vince Sales, Rico Mossesgeld and Alodia Gosiengfiao.


In deciding on a theme for this weekly blog post, Jayvee Fernandez decided to do exactly what he does for his friends who pester him on Facebook and SMS – come up with impromptu “How To’s” which, due to his overflowing generosity, charges nothing for it. He’s finally getting paid to do just that. If you have a geeky tip you want to submit, don’t hesitate to email him at me at jayveefernandez dot com. He might just publish it.

For those who don’t know, is composed of the same staff of the late T3 Philippines, when it was still running on print. The staff has since transitioned into the web, which really makes more sense for a gadget publication and led by fellow gearheads Vince Sales and Alora Guerrero.

Usually, my articles come out every Friday, but do check on the site regularly. They’re doing a great job — Gizmodo has quoted them twice already!