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HAXX! My new column with TECHIE.COM.PH

Once a week, I contribute a few words to my new “how to” column, titled HAXX!. The other blogs are written by Vince Sales, Rico Mossesgeld and Alodia Gosiengfiao.


In deciding on a theme for this weekly blog post, Jayvee Fernandez decided to do exactly what he does for his friends who pester him on Facebook and SMS – come up with impromptu “How To’s” which, due to his overflowing generosity, charges nothing for it. He’s finally getting paid to do just that. If you have a geeky tip you want to submit, don’t hesitate to email him at me at jayveefernandez dot com. He might just publish it.

For those who don’t know, is composed of the same staff of the late T3 Philippines, when it was still running on print. The staff has since transitioned into the web, which really makes more sense for a gadget publication and led by fellow gearheads Vince Sales and Alora Guerrero.

Usually, my articles come out every Friday, but do check on the site regularly. They’re doing a great job — Gizmodo has quoted them twice already!

Mostly Everything

UPDATED: Playboy Philippines First Issue: A lesson in being remarkable?

Sigh. Here we go.

Price: PHP 199.00
Page count: 128 pages including Front, Back, Inside Front and Inside Back Cover
Split: 24 pages of advertising
Notes: The page count is actually more than 128 as some ads are not part of the pagination while some are; note a special execution of a 3 page fold out (6 pages back to back)

Playboy Philippines aims to target a slightly older demographic. The advertisers for the first issue include: Bench Body, Oris, Sofitel, Marlboro, Johnnie Walker, Motor Image (SUbaru), Lacoste Footwear, ALEXIS (watches), Rudy Project, Tabaqueria, Hamilton, and Linden Suites just to name a few.