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UPDATED: Playboy Philippines First Issue: A lesson in being remarkable?

Sigh. Here we go.

Price: PHP 199.00
Page count: 128 pages including Front, Back, Inside Front and Inside Back Cover
Split: 24 pages of advertising
Notes: The page count is actually more than 128 as some ads are not part of the pagination while some are; note a special execution of a 3 page fold out (6 pages back to back)

Playboy Philippines aims to target a slightly older demographic. The advertisers for the first issue include: Bench Body, Oris, Sofitel, Marlboro, Johnnie Walker, Motor Image (SUbaru), Lacoste Footwear, ALEXIS (watches), Rudy Project, Tabaqueria, Hamilton, and Linden Suites just to name a few.

Mostly Everything

Playboy Philippines: April 2 2008, not what people expect

ABS CBN Online interviews Beting Dolor, the EIC of Playboy Philippines:

We have the 20 questions … With this edition I can say, we will have Chiz Escudero. He’s the guy people are interested in. We have three pictorials in every issue.

But we have fiction, which the other men’s magazines don’t have. I have Sarge Lacuesta … There are just two columnists and Krip Yuson is one of them … Sarah Lara I think her name is, also a Palanca awardee. There are feature articles … The hard feature is about a tribe in southern Mindanao

The Philippine Star also sent out a release today on more details about Playboy Philippines. It will still target 30 year old and above males. There will be no nudity. The articles are in good taste. There are at least five Palanca award winners contributing to Playboy Philippines (although the EIC recants and says only four during the interview). The magazine will launch this April 2 2008 at an event in Sofitel.

So where does Playboy Philippines stand? At this theoretical point, Playboy is in competition with three titles in my opinion. These are MMPI’s MANUAL, MANIFESTO and ROGUE (former staff of MANIFESTO) magazines.