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Philippine Blog Awards 2008 at 1 Esplanade September 21 2008

We have a venue!

This afternoon I accompanied Noemi (2008 Blog Awards head) and Juned (“Vice Head”) to finalize the venue for the blog awards this 2008. We signed the contract as sunset approached 1 Esplanade, laying fame to a glistening bay view.

To those who see us often at events we ran across several bumps along the way especially when it came to finalizing sponsorships, incorporation, and finding a decent venue. But yes, there is a God and we were fortunate enough – almost by accident really, which is usually the case when commitment is being tested – to find 1 Esplanade just waiting for us even though it has been booked to the max this September ’08. So we were able to book the better part of the sunset of Sept 21 (that’s a Sunday – a weekday would have been harder for volunteers and Friday / Saturday was wishful thinking as events have been lined up months in advance).

Stay tuned to the Philippine Blog Awards website for additional details on finalizing nominees, and call for volunteers.

I’d like to extend a special shout-out to the SM Group, especially to Mrs. Riqui, Mr. Noel Sanchez and the Sy family for helping us get this really beautiful venue. The SM business units have been very helpful with blogger efforts – case in point the famed Taste Asia parteh series. I mean, just take a look at these shots:

And when you look towards the horizon, you see this:


Thank you so much, especially to everyone who’s been patient with us in planning this event. We really cannot do this without you! We have roughly a month and a half to iron out a number of logistics for the event and we are asking the help of the community’s different expertise (lights, sounds, entertainment, making pa-cute, etc).

All details for this will be posted in the official PBA blog. 🙂

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An Open Apology to Janette Toral and Moving On

I learned from a seminar I attended a long time ago that if parents fight in front of their kids, they should also make up in front of them. In this light, since I opened a can of worms in public, I’ll throw the can away in public too. I would like to apologize for the first post I made about Janette (I did not mention her name at the time). For the record, Janette and I had a short exchange of SMS messages. I apologized for the harshness of the accusation, but I told her that I wanted to talk because of several unanswered questions that I had. While all this was happening, my post didn’t just steer a public outburst – both pro and against the entry – it also spurred emails and GTalk chats from members of tech communities as well. What these emails contain – I would rather discuss with Janette alone.

Janette is out on vacation now, which is why we have not met. As far as we are both concerned, the issue is over and it is time to move on. Awkward, but honest.

I also apologize to the people who felt that I was being jealous of Janette’s efforts. I can see why they feel this way, because I have also spoken in public about new media because that is the industry I belong in – 4 years and counting with print, and 2 1/2 years with new media. I don’t feel jealous. I feel more like I’ve hurt a friend which is true, as Janette and I have spent time together because of blogging events. She has even given me advice on my love life 😛

I’m sorry, Janette. Thank you for accepting my apology and see you soon.

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m|PH is sizzling this April

magazine featuring Phoem Baranda with a swimsuit. There’s an ongoing discussion in the advertising and magazine industry (mostly in the latter) of how putting sexy women on the cover becomes an effective marketing tool to sell. This comes from the notion that the largest demographic of mag readers are male.

Apparently, this formula seems to work because some statistics show that putting women in the cover of magazines contribute to better sales. The formula goes:

Increase in women’s cleavage = Increase in sales

The general question therefore is does sex really sell?

Though it may be a sweeping generalization, there actually may be a direct relationship between putting a an outrightly sensual image of a woman on the front cover of a magazine. However, my boss did once say that if this were the case, then why are the top five magazines in the world not sexy mags? Though there may be some differences, here are the top five mags according to the Chicago Tribune:

2. Real Simple
3. The Economist
4. Cook’s Illustrated
5. Esquire (perhaps the “sexiest” you can get among the 5)

Other magazines that made it to the “top 5” survey include Wytch (a children’s mag), Reader’s Digest, TIME, and Men’s Health. Where is FHM? Where is Playboy?

But consider this point:

Outside creative director Hannah McCaughey says artistic inspiration rather than newsstand calculation is responsible for her magazine’s recent spate of scantily clad covers.

“We always meant to shoot [Carlson] with the garden variety rock climbing clothes on but … I was worried I’d come back with super bland film,” McCaughey says. “For whatever reason it just felt so pedestrian and not like a cover should feel. The