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An Open Apology to Janette Toral and Moving On

I learned from a seminar I attended a long time ago that if parents fight in front of their kids, they should also make up in front of them. In this light, since I opened a can of worms in public, I’ll throw the can away in public too. I would like to apologize for the first post I made about Janette (I did not mention her name at the time). For the record, Janette and I had a short exchange of SMS messages. I apologized for the harshness of the accusation, but I told her that I wanted to talk because of several unanswered questions that I had. While all this was happening, my post didn’t just steer a public outburst – both pro and against the entry – it also spurred emails and GTalk chats from members of tech communities as well. What these emails contain – I would rather discuss with Janette alone.

Janette is out on vacation now, which is why we have not met. As far as we are both concerned, the issue is over and it is time to move on. Awkward, but honest.

I also apologize to the people who felt that I was being jealous of Janette’s efforts. I can see why they feel this way, because I have also spoken in public about new media because that is the industry I belong in – 4 years and counting with print, and 2 1/2 years with new media. I don’t feel jealous. I feel more like I’ve hurt a friend which is true, as Janette and I have spent time together because of blogging events. She has even given me advice on my love life 😛

I’m sorry, Janette. Thank you for accepting my apology and see you soon.