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Free tickets and a ‘Thank You’ to my readers!

True Faith belting it out. A glimpse of what’s in store on October 20

Some bloggers are giving away tickets for the Toblerone Thank You Day concert at the Mall of Asia. I recently wrote about how October 20 has been declared National Thank You Day, with Manila being the Thank You capital in the Philippines.

I have 300 tickets to the concert this coming October 20 at the Mall of Asia. Bands include (but are not limited to) Cynthia Alexander, Reggae Mistress, Stone Free, Salindiwa, Mozzie and The Dawn!

To claim your free ticket, all you need to do is leave a comment expressing your desire to come. As an added bonus, Toblerone will be giving a special prize to the commenter who posts the most creative way of saying THANK YOU 🙂

After you have left a comment, you will be contacted by Alma. If you wish to reach her to claim your tickets ahead of time, you may do so by texting her at 09175344624 or emailing thankyoudayphilippines at gmail dot com. See you there!

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Hinge-Inquirer Publications does a YouTube

The best moments I spent with the crew of HIP was spent behind the scenes. Yeah, behind the magazines are tons and tons of model photo shoots (both babes and gadgets – two things that geeks lust for), a lot of food and a lot of late nights.

You can bookmark this page which contains all the Youtube director videos of HIP including behind the scenes footage of our babe photoshoots.

Again, the address is

The Great Transition!

There have been several speculations about the movement of to the new site, and fancy that – this blog was mentioned to have unveiled the scoop about the partnership between the Inquirer group of companies:

Now we can concentrate on, on developing new content and services and integrating the online properties of the other members of the Inquirer group of companies, which has grown over the years. As you can see from the example of this Mobile Philippines beta site that Jayvee Fernandez has previewed on his blog. – Joey Alarilla

Though I’m no longer a “full time consultant” for HIP, I want to see myself as still actively involved in the creation process of the technology magazine titles I have come to love.

2007 will be an exciting year for online media, especially for the Inquirer group. I’m in no position to talk about the what could have beens or the lost opportunities with GMA 7 but I honestly feel that Inquirer was left with a better deal with the new solo mode for both companies. Here’s to a fruitful 2007!

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Ornusa Cadness Photo Shows Why You Should Have Girls on the Front Cover of Tech Magazines

ornusa cadness.JPG

Several months ago I wrote a post that explored the statement “sex sells” in commercial print publications. Though it may be true that “sex does sell” I also clarified that “so does other things.” Here is an excerpt:

So when is it okay to put a “sexy” lady on the front cover? The guideline we live by, at least here where I work, is that everything should be in context. Phoem is wearing a sexy (but elegant) swimsuit because it’s summer. She’s holding an Olympus mju series camera, known to be an all-weather resistant model. Hence, she took it out to the beach.

I will now add that a Google-friendly babe on the front cover will no doubt increase your traffic by a lot. People searching for her over the Internet will no doubt be led towards your site at one point in their search results.

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An Affair to Remember

So December 15 2006 marked my last day as the “online guy” at Hinge-Inquirer Publications. The month of transition was spent, for the most part, looking for someone who was good enough to take over the challenging task of managing the online efforts of the Inquirer’s magazine arm.

After several emails and heart to heart talks, I finally found my replacement, with the blessing of Poch our publisher as well as Adel Gabot, our group editor.

The funny thing about online publications is that you tend to be a bit more open with who’s replacing who, and who’s doing what. I guess its because these things require a sense of transparency (then again, what doesn’t?) to readers in front of the computer.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the new head of HIP’s online endeavors, Kevin “Kiven” Codamon, who is 2006’s blogger rookie of the year (top 10 in PTB in 4 months? whoa!). I’ve gotten to know Kiven as a hardworking writer from the early days of Game! Magazine and he also dutifuly took up a blogging project that I offered him several months ago at Cellphone News.

I will still remain as editor at large for Mobile Philippines and continue writing for the HIP tech publications which include GAME! and PC Magazine Philippines.

As for “my legacy” — it was a great honor to have helped start the very first corporate blog network in the Philippines (thanks Poch and Adel for believing in this vision). To the readers — if you don’t know what I’m talking about, bookmark our homepage at and watch our blogs grow within the next few months.

So what will I be doing now on a more regular basis?

Let’s wait till the announcement is made 🙂