the talk of the _____ industry

One thing about being with the media is that it’s very hard to keep secrets. The past several weeks has been very hard for me to keep my mouth shut and only a few industry leaders know about a new product that will be launched come January of 2006 (hopefully!).

This product has been very dear to my heart ever since I was a teenager so I said yes when they asked me to be part of the crew that spearheads this project in the Philippines.

If I’ve given you my calling card or if you attended the recent ad congress in Cebu, you might have seen a sneak peek.

Ahh.. that feels better.

Monday in pictures

Here’s a picture walkthrough of our Monday at HIP. Take the stairs (or the elevator) to the third floor and once up the floor’s lobby, take the small door on the left.

And you’re greeted with an old pair of stairs that looks like something straight from a Neil Gaiman fantasy novel. Except that you’re not led towards surrealism. You’re led to the attic.

And welcome to HIP!

All in all there are two huge editorial rooms – one for the technology titles (swoon!) and one for the lifestyle titles. There are four smaller rooms for sales and marketing as well as a conference room. Add the office of our GM as well as our spanking new studio (still under renovation) and that’s HIP. We have a total of three restrooms with showers too! One of these also serves as a dressing room for shoots.

the HIP video

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The scary thing about not being in the Cebu ad congress is that your face is on an AVP that’s supposed to be viewed by the most influential corporations in the country. Those of us back at the office are curious as to how HIP was received.

When you’re the magazine arm of the country’s widest circulating broadsheet, people expect things. The consolation? At least we’re raffling off a car (so I heard). I guess that saves face.

if you want to see a copy of this video, well … ask me in person. And most probably I’ll say no. Haha!