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Datablitz, X-Play issue more conflicting statements regarding the CIDG raid. Who is correct?


1. Statement of XPLAY regarding the Datablitz raid
2. Datablitz responds to the raid
Hello again. Yesterday, representatives of XPLAY held an intimate round table dinner to some of the media to further explain the recent raid of Datablitz. I was not there at the dinner as it was scheduled rather last minute. I did ask their PR rep to send over a statement of what was discussed during that dinner.

Today, Datablitz also issued an additional statement clarifying some details regarding the claim of selling “unauthorized copies” of NBA 2k13 games.

I will post both responses.

To be honest, what is disturbing to me is how the police force of the CIDG determined that these goods were “pirated” as it is common knowledge to note that this truly isn’t the case especially when it comes to obtaining sealed boxes of serial keys.

As a frequent Datablitz customer I know for a fact that they have never carried “pirated” software. So often have I been browsing their shelves when oblivious parents would come in and ask whether they have pirated versions of their games OR jail broken / modified versions of the XBOX 360 or the Nintendo Wii. With the value-added features that original games can offer today (such as online play) it would be absurd for Datablitz to even want to carry pirated goods.


The Whale Sharks of Oslob

BIG 2015 UPDATE: I was part of an underwater video crew that helped document whale shark tourism practices in Oslob and Donsol. You can watch the trailer below. It is titled ‘On the Brink’ and will be shown next year (2016).

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: DENR has ordered that whale shark feeding be stopped in Oslob.

DENR-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau Director Theresa Mundita S. Lim gave the directive in a letter to the DENR regional executive director.

It was made in response to an email of whale shark researcher Elson Q. Aca addressed to DENR Secretary Ramon Paje “regarding the practice of feeding whale sharks by tourists and scuba divers in Oslob, Cebu.”

SunStar Cebu


EDIT: There is a similar practice with swimming with whale sharks in the island of Leyte and it seems to be more sustainable.


I promised myself that I would write about the controversy behind the whale sharks of Oslob on the condition that I see the phenomenon myself. Being there, seeing it — it contributes to being informed. Frankly I’m tired of “armchair activists” who pile on issues like this — making sweeping generalizations about what’s best for these fish yet are so far away removed from the situation while they drink their lattes and sport clothes that apparently have buttons made out of poached Philippine shells. All oblivious.

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How Magnum Stole My Innocence

Sorry. No need to post a photo of that ice cream here because you all know what it looks like, thanks to the Internet.

I’m here to share a story. And some thoughts.

That Magnum ice cream in the Philippines is not new. I’ve been eating that for dessert for more than two years and the brand should be familiar to others (as from what I see on Twitter) because small grocery stores would carry it straight from other countries Filipino Recipes. Heck, Magnum was even around when I was in middle school (this product was released in the early 90’s). I would delight in it because there was a particular way I would eat it — since it had a thick layer of chocolate, I’d strip the bar naked of its chocolate covering then attack the ice cream proper and this feat of dexterity would perhaps be 80% of the novelty as to why I enjoyed eating it. I bought it for PHP 30.00 – PHP 35.00 if I remember correctly.

Fast forward to today. So I was out of the social media scene for about 2 weeks (I was busy getting married!). A few days before I went dark, I noticed a number of people post photos of a familiar ice cream brand on Instagram. I was delighted to hear that the product was now available locally (there was no doubt in my mind it was exactly the one I’d always get) so I nonchalantly went to 7-Eleven and bought one. Filipino Food Recipes It tasted exactly the same. And it was delightful. And I would think nothing about it afterwards. Why? Because it’s freakin’ ice cream, dude!

Whenever I walk into a 7-Eleven these days, I feel like all eyes are watching as I make my way to the freezer to grab a few bars to stock in my fridge at home. I open Twitter, and people are talking about it like it’s the worst thing ever made. Like how it’s a rip off. Like how Cornetto or Pinipig Crunch is much better. Frankly, I don’t care: on some days I want Cornetto Filipino Recipes. Other days I want Magnum. Sometimes I don’t have ice cream because I just had coffee. It’s the rewards of democracy that allows me to make mundane decisions like this everyday.

I want to enjoy my bar of ice cream in peace and not be subject to the amalgamated opinions of social media judging my every bite. And that blissful innocence was stolen, just recently.