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Datablitz, X-Play issue more conflicting statements regarding the CIDG raid. Who is correct?


1. Statement of XPLAY regarding the Datablitz raid
2. Datablitz responds to the raid
Hello again. Yesterday, representatives of XPLAY held an intimate round table dinner to some of the media to further explain the recent raid of Datablitz. I was not there at the dinner as it was scheduled rather last minute. I did ask their PR rep to send over a statement of what was discussed during that dinner.

Today, Datablitz also issued an additional statement clarifying some details regarding the claim of selling “unauthorized copies” of NBA 2k13 games.

I will post both responses.

To be honest, what is disturbing to me is how the police force of the CIDG determined that these goods were “pirated” as it is common knowledge to note that this truly isn’t the case especially when it comes to obtaining sealed boxes of serial keys.

As a frequent Datablitz customer I know for a fact that they have never carried “pirated” software. So often have I been browsing their shelves when oblivious parents would come in and ask whether they have pirated versions of their games OR jail broken / modified versions of the XBOX 360 or the Nintendo Wii. With the value-added features that original games can offer today (such as online play) it would be absurd for Datablitz to even want to carry pirated goods.

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Samsung Philippines Official Statement on alleged piracy of 700 TSI employees

Copied Verbatim from Samsung PH PR


Employees of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. (SEPCO), a division of Samsung Electronics, are facing charges of syndicated and large-scale illegal recruitment involving economic sabotage, estafa and theft filed by manpower agency Temps & Staffers Inc. (TSI). The charges stemmed from the alleged “piracy” of 700 of TSI’s employees by SEPCO.

SEPCO is engaged in the marketing and distribution of Samsung brand electronic products. It is not in the business of manpower recruitment of promo-merchandisers who are assigned to sell Samsung products to consumers as support to accredited Samsung dealers nationwide. SEPCO contracts third-party manpower agencies to supply the promo-merchandisers, which clearly constitutes no employer-employee relationship between SEPCO and the promo-merchandisers. At present, SEPCO engages the services of five (5) Filipino-owned manpower agencies to meet its requirements.

There is no truth to the allegation of “piracy”, as mentioned in newspaper articles. The contracts between TSI and its promo merchandisers is co-terminus with TSI’s contract with SEPCO. As early as June 13, 2010, TSI served termination notices to their promo-merchandisers effective June 30, 2010. Given this, the affected promo-merchandisers decided on their own whether to wait for a new job contract from TSI or seek employment elsewhere.

Samsung Electronics is committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen in the Philippines. We conduct our operations in accordance with international labor standards and we maintain a rigorous compliance program.

Respect for our employees is one of our key business principles. We will provide them with our full legal support and assistance to clarify this matter.

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The Anti Camcording Act (RA 10088)

I highly doubt any of my readers sneak in cameras to document movies, but if you’re a fan of the flea market DVD bonanza, you’ll know what I mean. It’s no secret that movie piracy is rampant in this country, and there is definitely a blind eye cast upon this. It appears that the fines are slapped on those caught recording inside movie theaters.

Today, it’s now a law. And here are the penalties:

Any person who will be found guilty of violating the provisions of the Anti-Camcording Law shall be subject to a fine of PhP 50,000 to PhP 750, 000 (US$ 1,000 to 17,000) and will face imprisonment of a minimum six months and one day to six years and one day. Individuals who commit the punishable acts for the purpose of sale, rental or other commercial distribution shall suffer the penalty in the maximum. Foreign offenders shall face immediate deportation after payment of the fine and serving his/her sentence, and will permanently be refused entry to the Philippines. Offenders who are employees of or hold a seat in government will perpetually be disqualified from public office, and will forfeit his/her right to vote and participate in public election for five (5) years.

Attached below is the full press release.

Anti Piracy Law

So what do you think? Personally, it’s a small start but a start nonetheless. Are we bound to see anti-piracy laws for bootleg software and file sharing through torrents?

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