Spotify launches in the Philippines; Premium Access for PHP 129 / mo

Surprise! I’ve been using Spotify Premium since February!

Before April 8, going to the Spotify website would give you a “Spotify is not available in your country” message (unless you’re using a proxy of course). Well, not anymore! Spotify officially launches in the Philippines today, at 11:00 AM with Premium Access for PHP 129.00 a month payable via credit card or PayPal. The soft launch done by Coca Cola Philippines gives you access to the desktop versions of Spotify. Today, you can now download the Spotify app from the local iTunes store and the Google Play Store.


Spotify for Android

Spotify for iOS

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Hands on with the new BoostCase for iPhone 5 battery pack

boostcase iphone 5 (2)

Finally, it’s here in local shores! The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device, but suffers (like all other smartphones) from drained battery woes especially when you have LTE turned on the whole day. Although the battery management has slightly improved (speculation has the iPhone 5 battery carrying a wallop of 1400 to 1700mAh), these numbers are meaningless to the general consumer! The BoostCase for iPhone 5 adds about a full charge + 50% more battery life to your existing iPhone. So that means if that your iPhone is pulling 6 hours before drain, the BoostCase will give you 9 hours aggregating your total count to roughly 15 hours. That’s for the 2200mAh one.

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A Guide to buying LEGO (and its imitations)

fake lego knockoffs imitations

They go by many names:

Pirated LEGO.
Cheap LEGO knock offs.
China-made LEGO.
LEGO imitations.

The nomenclature will always change but there’s no doubt that they’re all referring to the same thing: the prolific rise of LEGO imitations in bazaars around the metro. Whether you found them in Toys R’ Us, Toy Kingdom, the NBC Tent Weekend Bazaar or the Zonta Filinvest Christmas bazaar a few weeks ago, one thing’s for sure: they’re here to stay. I had some free time before the holidays and actually compiled the latest and the greatest LEGO competitors in the market today from Japan, Canada, South Korea and China.

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Underwater with the Samsung Galaxy Note (by Jun Lao)

As water geeks, we tend to want to find creative ways of bringing our gadgets underwater. Take for instance the iPod nano underwater solution with H20 Audio. Yesterday, dive buddy (and awesome UW photographer) Jun Lao tagged me in a Facebook photo he took in Anilao of a submerged Samsung Galaxy Note made waterproof with an underwater bag from Jovic.

And I quote,

“galaxy note gone diving, no signal after 2 ft, touch screen doesnt work after 5ft, max 32ft using a php100 uw bag”

Thanks, Jun!

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Sink the Bismarck: Unboxing a case from Brewdog

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