Spotify launches in the Philippines; Premium Access for PHP 129 / mo

Surprise! I’ve been using Spotify Premium since February!

Before April 8, going to the Spotify website would give you a “Spotify is not available in your country” message (unless you’re using a proxy of course). Well, not anymore! Spotify officially launches in the Philippines today, at 11:00 AM with Premium Access for PHP 129.00 a month payable via credit card or PayPal. The soft launch done by Coca Cola Philippines gives you access to the desktop versions of Spotify. Today, you can now download the Spotify app from the local iTunes store and the Google Play Store.


Spotify for Android

Spotify for iOS

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A review of the BlackBerry Z10

philippines blackberry z10 review

Before we talk about the BlackBerry I’d like to momentarily digress you, the reader, to a time back in the year 2000 when a company known as 3COM unveiled their new trade name under Palm Inc. It was, henceforth the company that brought memorable palm pilot devices such as the m515, the Zire, Tungsten, Lifedrive and of course, the Treo series which arguably became the basis of the modern day smartphone. Five years later, the company renamed itself into palmOne, and then after a number of months reverted back to the original name, Palm. In 2009, we all said goodbye to the iconic ecosystem, which was in turn replaced by webOS (which was then bought and then sold once more by HP).

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New San Miguel Premium Beer: It’s good!

Monday night had me and Phoebe at Manong’s for her 25th birthday countdown. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was our discovery of San Miguel’s new Premium beer for domestic shipment only. Well, I myself am not a connoisseur of beer so all I have to say is that, it’s good! Goes down easy and leaves a slightly nutty taste afterward. At Manong’s this cost P50.00 so it shouldn’t be too expensive as well in regular bars. We tried ordering the same yesterday at Murphy’s in VA Rufino, Makati but it was sadly sold out. The bottle is green, with white “Premium label” wrapping on the neck and the body.

Have you tried SMB’s new beer offering? Do you like the new bottle? Do you like the taste?