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Hands on with the new BoostCase for iPhone 5 battery pack

boostcase iphone 5 (2)

Finally, it’s here in local shores! The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device, but suffers (like all other smartphones) from drained battery woes especially when you have LTE turned on the whole day. Although the battery management has slightly improved (speculation has the iPhone 5 battery carrying a wallop of 1400 to 1700mAh), these numbers are meaningless to the general consumer! The BoostCase for iPhone 5 adds about a full charge + 50% more battery life to your existing iPhone. So that means if that your iPhone is pulling 6 hours before drain, the BoostCase will give you 9 hours aggregating your total count to roughly 15 hours. That’s for the 2200mAh one.

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BoostCase for iPhone 5 starts at PHP 3,250 for 1500mAh

boostcase iphone 5

For fans of BoostCase, the wait is finally over. It’s thinner and more stylish than the previous BoostCase for the iPhone 4/4s and will be available starting Wednesday, April 24 2013. The stores that will be carrying it include: Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker Branches.

Boostcase Hybrid 1500 mAh – SRP P 3,250
Boostcase Hybrid 2200 mAh – SRP P 3,950

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Windows Phone 7 Tweetup Party (with XBOX and Kinect!)

Dear Internet friends,

Please come. No need to explain. =)

When: 9:30PM Friday, February 4 2011
Where: Digital Walker Eastwood Mall

Spread the word. Use #wp7party as the Twitter hashtag.

Unboxing Crumpler Loo Roll with Road Test: Two thumbs up!

As a niche leader in comfortable bags, Crumpler also produces some of the most bizzare schwag. Thanks to the generosity of Charlie Paw at last night’s PhilMUG party we have the chance to do an official unboxing and and first impression run of the Loo Roll, Crumpler’s tissue roll that doubles as a paint by number coloring pad.

In depth review after the break.