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Boostcase doubles iPhone 4 / 4s battery life in a most elegant fashion

OK guys, if you’re reading this post it means that you most probably own a sexy iPhone 4 or 4s. You’ve made love to it, cradled it in your pocket for days, and have sworn everything to it. You tell everyone how beautiful a phone you have and yes you can even take it underwater. But, deep down, there is this one dark secret that you feel embarrassed about and it becomes a frustration which you try to justify every day: that your iPhone 4s has really crappy battery life. Take it out at 9AM and you’re down to 50% battery after lunch. Sucks doesn’t it?

Well the guys from Beyond the Box have addressed this problem. If you’re planning to put your iPhone 4 or 4s inside a protective case, might as well get a case that also doubles as a portable charger. I got mine today from Charlie Paw (thanks Charlie!) of Beyond the Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub. It sets you back PHP 3,550.00 but practically doubles your iPhone battery by an extra 1900mAh. Just to prove a point, it’s already 4:30PM as I write this and my battery is still at 100% from a half-battery charge straight out of the box. I put the case in a little before 11 AM today and my phone’s doing great.

Does the size get compromised? Before we answer that let me discuss how the case works. When you open the box, you’ll find two components — a regular case (in your favorite color!) and the Boostcase charger dock. It’s basically a case that has 1900mAh of battery behind it. In essence, you can remove the charging dock once it runs out of juice or leave it in the car or your bag if you would rather use the iPhone with only the protective case. So really, you get two products in one package. The irony here is that the dock uses a micro USB port for charging, which is an Android standard. Why is this relevant? Because these “fake” proprietary iPhone pin chargers you find all over the flea markets are rather wonky and mini USB cables are more widespread.

If you’re worried about the case covering your speakers, the dock comes with holes that lets the audio out.

So is it worth it? YES IT IS! The iPhone 4s has horrible battery life and this is a welcome accessory because it addresses this problem for the cost of a pricey case. Other portable chargers (like Mili) will set you back between PHP 2,500.00 – PHP 5,000.00 for charging solutions but you wouldn’t want to have these dangling around your phone.

Yes it does add some bulk, but still very pocketable. I mean, the iPhone isn’t known for its amazing form factor or thin design so it really doesn’t matter if you add a few centimeters here and there.

Pricing: PHP 3,550.00
Comes in different cute color combinations. Since it is modular, you can buy the dock and the case separately. Available at Beyond the Box (Branches include One Rockwell / Lucky China Town Mall / Resort’s World Manila)

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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