Top 10 Upgrades for Yachts Using Linear Actuators

And now for some surface interval time — with yachts! Here are 10 upgrades for yachts using linear actuators.

Actuators are devices that are capable of producing short stroke directional and or unidirectional motion without any linkage. Linear actuators produce motion through a buildup of magnetic field created by magnetism which enables motion. In yachts, linear actuators provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor use in anything that may require an extension and retraction with less maintenance costs. Linear actuators find use in yachts in the following ways which include:


Radar arches
Through a short stroke produced, linear actuator helps in collapsing and raising arches. Here the actuator is in-built making it easy to work with less supervision.

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Underwater with the Samsung Galaxy Note (by Jun Lao)

As water geeks, we tend to want to find creative ways of bringing our gadgets underwater. Take for instance the iPod nano underwater solution with H20 Audio. Yesterday, dive buddy (and awesome UW photographer) Jun Lao tagged me in a Facebook photo he took in Anilao of a submerged Samsung Galaxy Note made waterproof with an underwater bag from Jovic.

And I quote,

“galaxy note gone diving, no signal after 2 ft, touch screen doesnt work after 5ft, max 32ft using a php100 uw bag”

Thanks, Jun!


A funny thing happened while diving in Secret Bay

In my 3 years of SCUBA, this was definitely the most fascinating (and morbidly awkward-funny) thing I’ve seen for marine behavior.

While diving Secret Bay I noticed a tiny ball that was bobbing furiously up and down from the sand. Its shape was too perfect a sphere to be a piece of coral so I swam nearer. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it to be an inflated puffer fish that was half buried in the sand. This behavior definitely isn’t normal for puffer fish as they only inflate and swim away when they’re threatened. Frankly it looked like it was taking a crap!

I then noticed it trying to push itself out of the substrate, with extreme difficulty! Something was holding it down. Then it dawned on me: it was fighting for its life! Something was dragging it down into the sand for dinner!

Can you guess what we did?

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Presenting Underwater Instagram!

I don’t usually launch new sites. Scratch that.. I don’t launch new sites. But lo and behold, ever since my UW photos were discovered on Instagram, I decided to launch a new site dedicated totally to my UW photos post-processed with Instagram filters. Marine life can really surprise you with hidden colors that can only be seen with specific types of filters on your lens and Instagram helps make these colors pop out. Without further ado, my photo blog, Underwater Instagram.

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Hello I’m Jayvee: All Around Geek, Diver, Photographer — and I’m Joining SNUPS!

Hey guys, back to reality! This post is long delayed. Sorry about that. If you want more real time updates, I’m almost always online on Twitter (@jayvee) and Instagram (@jayveef).

Anyway, we’ve been working on a huge event — it’s basically Year II of SNUPS, the biggest underwater photo competition in the Philippines. Now, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to join. There are categories suited for beginners as long as you can bring a camera down 2 feet with tupperware (you’ll be amazed with the things you can find — after all it’s the Philippines!).

In this case, we took the iPhone 4s down. Have a look at the video and share it with friends who may be interested! =)


April 20-24 2012

May 4-8 2012

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