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Excitement over the PS4

dual shock 4

So, yay PS4! Obviously the reveal from a while back was more of a teaser than anything else. I bought my PS3 about 5 years after it came out and it was about that time when SONY’s catalog of games were well matured and value added services like PS+ were in place. I definitely won’t get one at launch, not because I’m underwhelmed — it’s more like the PS3 + Vita ecosystem is still so rich!

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Microsoft Office 2013 officially launched! PHP 3,499 for 10 installs on Mac and PC


UPDATE II: If you own a Mac and have problems authenticating your installation (your valid serial number isn’t working after trying to authenticate) or you are getting a Sorry, there was a problem while trying to connect to your account. (Error code:0x80000003) error, this has to do with the region settings. Go to System Preferences –> Language and Text –> then set your region to USA and not Philippines.

UPDATE: OK here’s the thing. If you install this on a Mac, you will get the Office 2011 version and not 2013. This is because the 2013 version is still in the works but as soon as it comes out, it will become free for Mac users to upgrade. FYI!

Exciting news today from Microsoft. Rather than launching separate versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 for both the Macintosh and the PC, the guys from Redmond are pricing a 10-computer install pack for PHP 3,499. This applies to Macs and PC’s in your home bundle. The new version of Office supports touch screen commands for Windows 8 devices and adds a lot of cloud as well as social components together with strong integration with Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Nokia Asha 305 is full touch screen, dual SIM; sells for PHP 3,890.00

A number of days ago, we saw Nokia release the Asha 202 which was an entry level S40 feature phone that was bundled with games from Electronic Arts.

This week, enter the Nokia Asha 305, its upgraded sibling that has full touch capabilities and looks light years more attractive than the 202. For a few hundred pesos difference in price, it is well worth it. Also, it’s dual SIM.

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LG Arena in the Philippines: SRP P24,900

This is LG’s latest phone which is bound for release in the coming weeks. They sent me the unit in advance to try out and I will have something up soon. I’ve been busy with the UNO v2.0 relaunch party, more backlog and the upcoming trip to Singapore. So I leave you with a little striptease.

Cue a little Dita Von Teese.






The LG Arena will be available with an SRP of P24,900.00. Review to follow.

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Samsung OMNIA HD Hands On: It’s a Nokia 5800!


Disclaimer: The unit that I procured isn’t a final test unit. Thus there are several software glitches that are being worked through (i.e the browser). To be fair, this review will concentrate more on the look and feel of the device including the integration of S60 as the user interface of choice. But yeah. I can’t help it … Must. Review. Phone.

Here it is. After frolicking with Samsung’s new OMNIA HD, I can summarize the experience in one phrase: the Samsung OMNIA HD is essentially a slightly improved Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone built within Samsung’s elegant exterior with a bright 3.7 inch screen.