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Nokia 206; dual SIM, 28 day standby time for PHP 2,850

nokia 206

This is Nokia’s entry-level “206” model that costs PHP 2,850. If you know anyone that needs an updated feature phone for calls and text and yeah a bit of Facebook, this is something you can recommend.

That’s all folks!

• Imaging technology that optimizes photos taken with its 1.3MP camera for sharing on Facebook
• A comprehensive social and mobile entertainment package with eBuddy Chat and a gift pack of 10 free, premium content items.
• Exclusive Easy Swap technology that enables consumers to change SIM cards without having to turn off the device.
• The Nokia 206 remember the settings of up to five SIM cards making it easy to switch between making calls or using the Internet
• An impressive standby time of up to 28 days.

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Nokia Philippines announces Asha 309, will sell for around PHP 4,400.00

With all this talk about high end smartphones, Nokia is plowing the entry-level mass market with its Internet-enabled affordable feature phones. Today, Nokia seems to be focusing on this market by churning out touch-screen feature phones that go below the PHP 4,100.00 (USD $99.00) mark. The Nokia Asha 309 is evidence to this.

The Nokia Asha 309 is primarily a WiFi phone (for mobile data it comes with 2G browsing only which in this day and age is obsolete) that comes with 32GB microSD card support. It comes with smartphone-like features such as the 3.0″ touch screen, multiple home screens similar to Android and yes — RADIO. It comes with a Twitter and Facebook client as well as a dedicated YouTube client. This is for the netizen who wants the bare essentials on a feature phone.

On another note, it has to be said that Nokia also updated their Nokia Xpress Browser which is now a lot faster and allegedly at par with the smartphone browsing experience. Also, Nokia seems to have a long term partnership with EA as their phones are stocked with mobile games. In this case, 40 of them.

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Nokia Asha 305 is full touch screen, dual SIM; sells for PHP 3,890.00

A number of days ago, we saw Nokia release the Asha 202 which was an entry level S40 feature phone that was bundled with games from Electronic Arts.

This week, enter the Nokia Asha 305, its upgraded sibling that has full touch capabilities and looks light years more attractive than the 202. For a few hundred pesos difference in price, it is well worth it. Also, it’s dual SIM.

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Dual SIM Nokia Asha 202 sells for P3,550.00

Update: The Nokia Asha 305 touts a full touch screen at a similar price point. Also, dual SIM enabled!

It’s back to school mode with the Nokia Asha 202. If you’re looking for an affordable feature phone to wear and tear on a daily basis, the Asha 202 is packed with a number of features that are of late, quite impressive. Due to Nokia’s partnership with EA Games, the 202 comes bundled with 40 titles you can dabble with, from Tetris to Bejeweled to Need for Speed. I personally have a bit of a vendetta with EA Games but those are with the bigger titles that tend to spark controversy about DLC’s and pricing. This one’s free.

In any case, because it is a feature phone, Nokia’s Asha 202 comes with easy ways to access your Facebook and Twitter feed hacked into the tried-and-tested S40 operating system. Oh and lest we forget, this phone has a touch screen. Price: P3,550.00