Valerie Taylor, the diver who shot Jaws had no idea it would make people afraid of sharks

I got a chance to do a phone interview with renowned underwater photographer and videographer Valerie Taylor. You may not know her personally, but you’ve probably seen her works: she shot the underwater footage from Jaws, Orca and well, every teenager’s sizzling romantic film (in 1980) Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields.

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Dual SIM Nokia Asha 202 sells for P3,550.00

Update: The Nokia Asha 305 touts a full touch screen at a similar price point. Also, dual SIM enabled!

It’s back to school mode with the Nokia Asha 202. If you’re looking for an affordable feature phone to wear and tear on a daily basis, the Asha 202 is packed with a number of features that are of late, quite impressive. Due to Nokia’s partnership with EA Games, the 202 comes bundled with 40 titles you can dabble with, from Tetris to Bejeweled to Need for Speed. I personally have a bit of a vendetta with EA Games but those are with the bigger titles that tend to spark controversy about DLC’s and pricing. This one’s free.

In any case, because it is a feature phone, Nokia’s Asha 202 comes with easy ways to access your Facebook and Twitter feed hacked into the tried-and-tested S40 operating system. Oh and lest we forget, this phone has a touch screen. Price: P3,550.00

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Dead Set: Big Brother meets the Zombie Apocalypse

Happy Halloween!

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

To top off a really productive week I was able to borrow a few Zombie flicks from Adel. These included Day of the Dead (2008), Dance of the Dead (2008), Dead Space: Downfall and with high recommendation, Season 1 Episode 1 of Dead Set. I was immediately sold to the series when Adel told me that the plot involved the reality TV housemates left to fend for themselves at the Big Brother House while the zombie infestation consumes all of humanity; their eyes glued to the set for that last piece of living flesh.

And such is a quaint, revealing picture of mass media: we’re all lifeless forms in front of the media, waiting to consume such lustful objects of scrutiny. 🙂