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Nokia DiscOVIries: The Final Contest

It’s been a great run dear readers. As I end the Nokia DiscOVIries promotion with this week’s contest I’d like to thank everyone for biding the time to sign up for your OVI accounts. The winner of the previous contest will be announced very soon, as I made a special request from a friend to act as the guest judge. 🙂 Stay tuned!

As with all promos, I know that not everyone will be diligently using OVI in their day to day lives — but if you do, then that’s great. A tip: I especially find the service for videos useful if you want a sure-fire way to keep your background music inside your home made videos. YouTube and Facebook have been clamping down on copyrighted music lately, and thus far OVI seems to be more friendly with this.

Also, if you own a S60 based phone (all Nokia phones and some LG and Samsung units) you should definitely try syncing your address book online with the OVI contact list tool (click on the Address Book icon on the nav bar) so that if you misplace your phone, your contacts can easily be rebuilt by a simple sync.

On to the contest. We’re playing for a PHP 2,000.00 Ayala eGift Certificate and a chance to win a Nokia phone.

When I started tech blogging, I covered mostly “technology that you could bring with you” because of a conditioning with a magazine I wrote for back in the day. There’s a sample cover below. Since then, portable technology has been my first love as we would cover more than just the gadgets, but the lifestyle behind portability. So we also did restaurant reviews — especially those with WiFi hotspots, which in 2005 was still quite rare.

On the cover were the two Coca Cola girls who garnered instant fame because of their TV ad.


For this week’s contest, I’d like you to upload a photo(s) of the restaurants, bars and other hang out places you frequent when you need to work. It can be idle time in your favorite coffee shop while surfing the web, or a quick plugin to the Internet to email that one important document. It matters not really. I just want to know where my readers hang out. Remember to include a short description of the place(s) you frequent, why you enjoy hanging out there, and also please do not forget to include your OVI email.


Again, I’m going to have a special guest judge for this contest, and you can submit entries till 11:59PM of November 22, 2009. The mechanics for the DiscOVIries promotion can be read here.

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Samsung OMNIA HD Hands On: It’s a Nokia 5800!


Disclaimer: The unit that I procured isn’t a final test unit. Thus there are several software glitches that are being worked through (i.e the browser). To be fair, this review will concentrate more on the look and feel of the device including the integration of S60 as the user interface of choice. But yeah. I can’t help it … Must. Review. Phone.

Here it is. After frolicking with Samsung’s new OMNIA HD, I can summarize the experience in one phrase: the Samsung OMNIA HD is essentially a slightly improved Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone built within Samsung’s elegant exterior with a bright 3.7 inch screen.

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review in the Philippines

UPDATE 3: I have a review up of the new Nokia N97 — following the successful touch screen experience of the 5800.

UPDATE 2: More hands on with me playing with the phone. I talk about the touch screen in particular.

UPDATE: From Nikka Abes of Nokia Philippines:

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone is selling at a preorder price of P20,000.00. To place a preorder please sign up at the Nokia Philippines website. This goes to the first 58 sign ups.

The price of the 5800 XpressMusic is pegged at about P18,000 without tax so we can estimate this to be at the early P20,000 mark when it comes out officially (nota bene: this is only speculation, btu it gives you a rough estimate how much of your Christmas money to save).

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A bit of history: the XpressMusic line is Nokia’s flagship brand for anything and everything music. If the Nseries concentrates on multimedia (video mostly), the E series on corporate use, the XpressMusic line is distinct because it has two things – a separate high quality audio hardware (loud and crisp speakers) and a 3.5mm speaker jack. This is consistent throughout all the Nokia phones branded as XpressMusic.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone is Nokia’s first Nseries touch screen device as well. Nokia has had two other semi popular touch screen phones in the past – the Nokia 6708 and the Nokia 7710, released back in 2006. Here is a walk through of the various features. My first impressions were very positive as the touch screen integrates well into the device. Unlike the iPhone which is an SMS composing nightmare, the 5800 slightly vibrates each time you press a button. There are three text input modes available – full QWERTY keyboard, mini QWERTY keyboard and the traditional numerical keypad.

Photos and full feature after the jump.