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Microsoft Office 2013 officially launched! PHP 3,499 for 10 installs on Mac and PC


UPDATE II: If you own a Mac and have problems authenticating your installation (your valid serial number isn’t working after trying to authenticate) or you are getting a Sorry, there was a problem while trying to connect to your account. (Error code:0x80000003) error, this has to do with the region settings. Go to System Preferences –> Language and Text –> then set your region to USA and not Philippines.

UPDATE: OK here’s the thing. If you install this on a Mac, you will get the Office 2011 version and not 2013. This is because the 2013 version is still in the works but as soon as it comes out, it will become free for Mac users to upgrade. FYI!

Exciting news today from Microsoft. Rather than launching separate versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 for both the Macintosh and the PC, the guys from Redmond are pricing a 10-computer install pack for PHP 3,499. This applies to Macs and PC’s in your home bundle. The new version of Office supports touch screen commands for Windows 8 devices and adds a lot of cloud as well as social components together with strong integration with Facebook and LinkedIn.


Student makes 3D version of Arkham Horror. Help her beta test it!

Imagine that, to complete your Bachelor’s degree you design a 3D version of one of the best board games ever made: Arkham Horror.

I’ve been so wanting to get into it, but the sheer number of expansions, time to invest coupled with finding people to actually play with hinders me from this awesome experience. If you ever drop by Hobbes & Landes or Neutral Grounds, you’ll see rows and rows of Arkham Horror core sets and expansions. I really did want it but chickened out for reasons mentioned above and instead got Betrayal at House on a Hill which doesn’t live up to par, but at least doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Well, anyway.

I emailed this amazing lady (her name is Andi) to ask if I can participate as a beta test and she sent me the game! in exchange for feedback. The game is about 80% polished (as the YouTube vid states) and I’m just so amazed at what she was able to do.

For those asking, this isn’t an official port of the game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). It’s by a student. She plans to present this project to them and get an official endorsement. If you’re wondering whether this holds as copyright infringement, well .. it doesn’t. Because this is a school project, it falls under Fair Use Policy in Europe. Wow. Just wow.

If you love Arkham Horror but hate the setup process, I suggest you send her an email. She’s accepting beta testers till the 5th of February 2012.

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MWC Asides: Aha! What is this Android sticker hiding behind it?

The schwag at the Google booth is awesome. Android pins, Android coffee cups, Android stickers … stickers which can be really useful for hiding things. 🙂

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Google Chrome for Mac OS X Developer Beta Download


Although several of its features are still not implemented (such as importation of passwords), Google Chrome for Mac OS X is hot.

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Windows 7 demo over Starbucks


Yeah. Even if I knew, from the back of my mind that Windows 7 will NOT install under CrossOver (CrossOver installs apps, not OS’s!), it was still worth a try.

I guess I must do this the hard way.

This afternoon, a rediscovered friend by the name of Johnny Benitez gave me a short run through of Windows 7’s beta release. Johnny works for Microsoft (argh! I envy his super cool title there!) and he gave me a short demo using his kick ass tablet PC. No screen shots here, but oh well here goes:

First. In the same way that Mac OS X can quick view into documents by pressing the spacebar, Windows 7 has its own little innovation by being able to “peep” within minimized windows on the taskbar. For instance, if you have 5 open tabs on Internet Explorer 8 (!!!) and they are all minimized, you can peek into the contents of each by mousing over each individual tab on the sidebar. Way cool. As a Mac user, I’m glad they didn’t rip off what OS X does for previewing documents. The peek function is definitely useful.

Second. Windows can lock on to certain parts of the desktop. Drag a window onto the left and it resizes to occupy 50% of the left of the screen. Same goes for right. This allows you to work on 2 windows with an easy resize. Dragging the window to the top of the screen maximizes a window. Dragging and “shaking” the window to and fro minimizes all other windows except the one being dragged.

Third. Windows 7 is noticeably faster than Vista. I guess you can say that Windows Vista = Windows 7 Beta. We were all fooled! HEHEHE. TEEHEEHEE. HOHOHOHO!

There are many other features inherent to Windows 7. Apart from the ones I just wrote about, Internet Explorer 8 is bundled with the web developer tool built in, and there are new power saving features (dim screen instead of sleep) that comes in the system settings.

So are you in the beta program yet? In the meantime, here’s a cool link to 150 of the best FREEWARE applications for Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft Office.

P.S. Thanks Johnny for the demo! I’m going to install this baby onto a sexy computer and see what happens.