Student makes 3D version of Arkham Horror. Help her beta test it!

Imagine that, to complete your Bachelor’s degree you design a 3D version of one of the best board games ever made: Arkham Horror.

I’ve been so wanting to get into it, but the sheer number of expansions, time to invest coupled with finding people to actually play with hinders me from this awesome experience. If you ever drop by Hobbes & Landes or Neutral Grounds, you’ll see rows and rows of Arkham Horror core sets and expansions. I really did want it but chickened out for reasons mentioned above and instead got Betrayal at House on a Hill which doesn’t live up to par, but at least doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Well, anyway.

I emailed this amazing lady (her name is Andi) to ask if I can participate as a beta test and she sent me the game! in exchange for feedback. The game is about 80% polished (as the YouTube vid states) and I’m just so amazed at what she was able to do.

For those asking, this isn’t an official port of the game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). It’s by a student. She plans to present this project to them and get an official endorsement. If you’re wondering whether this holds as copyright infringement, well .. it doesn’t. Because this is a school project, it falls under Fair Use Policy in Europe. Wow. Just wow.

If you love Arkham Horror but hate the setup process, I suggest you send her an email. She’s accepting beta testers till the 5th of February 2012.

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Topshop uses Microsoft Kinect as virtual fitting room

No it isn’t Topshop Philippines. This is in Russia. But the concept of an augmented reality fitting room should not be too hard to implement because one half of the concept is already there — the Kinect hardware! All you need to do is find someone to write the software. Because of the long lines in fitting rooms (mostly in stores for women — the men get the comfortable couches though!), shoppers can pass the time by fitting the latest collection in all it’s augmented glory. ANd it works for everything. Not just clothes. But bags, shoes, food …

Looking to spice up your next in-store campaign? This is worth exploring.

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Day 0: LG’s booth opens with Optimus 3D and 8.9 inch Optimus Pad tablet

Passing by the LG booth during construction, I was able to hang for a bit to see the fabrications they were putting up.

Yup. 8.9 inches ladies and gents. That’s the Optimus Pad.

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