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Price drop for remaining stocks of Apple iPods


This is just a heads up – the old iPod models are selling like hotcakes in the Philippines. To give you an idea of the price drops, iStudio prices point to P12,900.00 for the 30GB iPod and P18,xxx.xx for the 80GB model. This is a huge steal for consumers who have been wanting to buy cheap, but brand new.

Last word was that the 30GB model is already sold out at iStudio in Bonifacio High Street, The Fort. Check out the other Apple official dealers for prices and availability. The new 2007 line of iPods will be out this coming 28th of September.

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How to do a soft sell for a product

This video came out about a year ago as an advocacy campaign to promote Philippine tourism. As it is the dawn of the “ber” months and the holidays are fast approaching, I’d like to encourage the foreign readers of this little blog to visit my lovely country for the holidays. The beaches and food are to die for. 🙂

Do you see the 3 second plug at the end? That’s how you do a soft sell.

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Talking points on the issue of DRM

The Nokia N81 … not to be confused with the “Nokia iPhone” … at least not yet 🙂

Very interesting points were raised during the talk on Nokia digital music forum today. A lot of DRM issues were shed to light as well as new developments in the music industry. Most of these insights come from Sandy Monteiro who is the SVP for Digital Music, Universal Music.

  • Apple did a good job of marketing their “DRM free” music when in reality this isn’t truly the case. Having an artist’s name and title is DRM. The fact that Apple only made the download available in AAC format isn’t truly “DRM free” either. Making it available only in the iTunes Store is also a sign that this is not also truly “DRM free.”
  • A new technology is being explored to allow music sharing via Bluetooth or through other means. It involves having the fourth or fifth person paying only a fraction of the cost via wireless sharing (IrDA or Bluetooth) of what the original person had to pay when he or she downloaded the music. This is sort of like a “human Bit torrent” effect. Or the new pyramid scheme for DRM 🙂
  • In the future, music tracks can be remixed by anyone. Let’s say you have a Frank Sinatra song – you can rearrange the instruments (instead of wind instruments you can use strings) and then upload your version of the song to the Internet. The user community can then download the song and you get a royalty fee. The music tracks that participate in this program have the prior approval of the artists and the record label. Interesting?

These were some of the more interesting points raised for the future of digital music. What do you think?

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My closet dancing frustrations are now satisfied by BOOGIE for the Wii!

I have always been a frustrated dancer. When Yapi and I went to look for new games for the Wii before she moves to China, we were adamant enough to scour Greenhills for a copy of Boogie, the new dancing / rhythm game published by Electronic Arts. Boogie, despite the low reviews from GameSpot, is one of the most fun workout games that utilizes the Wiimote and a USB microphone (yes you can sing too!). Though the game has its limitations, EA is definitely on the right direction to coming up with a great rhythm and motion game.


The speaker on the Wii Remote acts as a metronome, and there’s also a visual indicator on the screen to help you stay in time to the music. The more moves you time properly in a row, the higher your score. As your score increases, so does your boost meter. Once you’ve obtained a bit of boost, you can hold down the B button to trigger a series of arrows at the bottom of the screen. If you follow the pattern correctly, your character will perform a special dance move that will net you big points. [read]

Sharm told me I lost weight during the Taste Asia II party. Blame it on the Boogie 🙂

Boogie is available at Datablitz for P2,300.00 (the cheapest one I’ve seen at Park Square, Makati). It comes with a Wii USB microphone but any USB microphone can be used for the Karaoke mode.

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Market Night at mag:net August 20 2007

If any of you young entrepreneurs are interested, mag:net cafe at Serendra is having a Market Night event this coming August 20 2007. Gabe Mercado (via JC Media) briefly describes the concept of Market Night:

Market night is a new thing we’re trying out as we’re trying to find a way to showcase more independent young accessories/fashion designers out there — precisely the type of people who make their own stuff and sell out of their own websites.

We pretty much do a lot to promote independent musicians, visual artists, performance artists, writers and film makers but we haven’t done much to promote designers just yet, which is why we thought up of this event.

If there are any independent sellers out there who make their own stuff and want to be a part of this event, let me know!

We are especially looking for handcrafted shirts and accessories that are for guys too. We seem to have a lot of items for women already.

If you are interested in participating, please let Gabe know by commenting in his multiply site.

BUT if you’re interested in grabbing some great finds please come! Talked to Gabe a while ago and he has more that 23 vendors with fashionista accessories! Come one, come all!