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Red Box Blogger Christmas Parteh 12.18.07

Markku and Ely

So we managed to find a sponsor for a blog party. Been sending out text messages to people to attend but for some reasons SMART has been screwy and not everyone has been getting messages. No need to RSVP – just show up and bring your cameras if you want to catch everyone on non-bloggable alcohol + videoke fun!

We would like to thank Noemi Dado for raffling off a hosting plan and Regnard Raquedan for raffling off The Princess Bride and Veronica Mars DVDs!! Congratulations to AJ and Juned for winning the DVDs and to Poyt for the hosting!

What: Pinoy Blogger Christmas Talent Night!!!
When: Tuesday December 18 2007 7:00 PM to 12 midnight
Where: Joey Room, Red Box Greenbelt 3 Makati
W00t: Free flowing beer and select cocktails

The room fits about 25 people but if it gets full we can always hang around the place – we assume that people will be coming and going, so its all good. There’s also a balcony for smokers. If you want to catch the buffet, please be there at 7:00 roundabouts. There will also be free flowing BEER and select cocktails. So get your singing voices warmed up and let’s get talent night started this Tuesday! 🙂

A big big thanks to Red Box Greenbelt 3 for sponsoring!

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Naked Meme: What’s on your iPod?

A few chapters through The Perfect Thing, it was revealed that one of the factors that made th iPod a huge success was the feature that it could hold your entire library of music. Looking into one’s iPod was almost like baring that person’s soul as taste in music revealed a lot about a person. You’re naked.

So what’s on YOUR music player? It need not necessarily be an iPod that you own, or heck it may not even be a portable music player. Grab your iTunes or equivalent desktop music player and follow these instructions:


Code Monkey Unplugged Lyrics Chords and Tabs

Songwriter Jonathan Coulton dedicates this song to anyone who has served as a code monkey in a software corporation. The song is great stuff but what really struck a chord was when he performed an unplugged version that turned the entire thing into a ballad.

So yeah it struck a chord, so I decided to transcribe bits and pieces of the song into tabs for all your guitar folks to try out. For reference, this is the plugged in version of the song and this is the unplugged version. He also has a YouTube video up for the acoustic version of Code Monkey.

Code Monkey Tabs

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Some notes on the new 8GB iPod nano


After careful consultation with fellow Macheads, I decided to forego my purchase of the iPod touch in favor of the 3rd generation 8GB iPod nano. The reason for the change of heart was mainly because first generation Apple products have let people down. Even if the iPod touch is a remarkable device, you still can’t beat the fact that the new nano is already in its third iteration. I honestly think that the iPod touch and the iPhone are proof of concept experiments that will lead to the resurrection of the Newton II. Hence, these two products have not yet reached maturity.

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Man in the Mirror recorded on a Samson C01U

The Samson CO1U Condenser microphone has received legendary reviews from tech community groups and audiophiles alike. I have been exposed to using the microphone ever since Vic Icasas lent me one for recording the Mobile Philippines podcasts late last year with Art Ilano and Adel Gabot.


After months of mental debate on whether I should be getting one, I finally decided to bite the hook, as I also found it useful for singing duets with Boogie and recording acoustic music – apart from its more suitable use as a podcast microphone. For current Samson owners, it would be wise to download the SoftPre application to configure the microphone to suit your needs. The microphone retails for P3,890.00 and is sold in all Audiophile stores. This is the recommended piece of equipment for those who wish to take their audio recording to the next level, without the burden of a hefty budget.

The complete recording set includes the microphone, the stand and the spider mount which retails for a little less than P5,500. You can actually forego the spider mount but I suggest getting the solid base because it only costs P420.00. You can also utilize your Make and Do skills to create your own pop filter using an old pair of stockings and a shirt hanger.


Without further ado, here is my rendition of Man in the Mirror, originally written by Michael Jackson. This version is arranged by Tuck Andress. Please pardon the mistakes, as I was having a hard time playing this piece on a classical guitar (it’s much easier to play this on a steel string folk guitar as the fret boards are smaller). Or maybe I’m just rusty.