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Unboxing Lachi’s Sans Rival from Davao City (PHP 285)


I’m no food reviewer, but it doesn’t take an expert to know if something’s good — like REALLY GOOD. I recently came from a Davao Food Tour organized by good friends from the Mindanao blogging contingent. I hand carried one whole Sans Rival from a nice little place called Lachi’s. Some of the foodies who went coined Lachi’s as the “Conti’s of Davao.” That’s actually very close to the truth, in my humble opinion as someone who is barely exposed to the rudiments of gastronomy.

This Week in Philippine Spam

Have you been receiving a lot of spam lately in your comments? A certain “Keren Pascual” (not confirmed to be the real one, obviously) has been spamming comments in ALL of my blogs using the URLs of the Philippine Star and reposting articles from the lifestyle sections of our top broadsheets. Not only is that spam, it also might have copyright issues because everything sources back to the Star’s website despite some articles belonging to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I’ve also been receiving comment invites to the Consumer Expo 2008 by T3 Magazine and Summit. I have nothing against them (I know Vince and Ed personally) but I really think they should take a second look at whoever they hired to do the event’s Internet marketing. I know it’s not just in my blog – I saw the same invite in other bloggers’ comments section.

That’s what my email contact form is for — these sort of invites. Please, Internet marketer, don’t spam the comments section and give T3 a bad reputation. If they had emailed me, I’d have written about it anyway. It isn’t tasteful when it comes spammed several times into your comments section, especially for such a kick ass event!

Thoughts at 2300 HRS

I rarely ramble, but here are a few things that have been on my mind lately.

1. We need more valuable and diverse local web property. All I see are blogs, forums and micro sites. It would be nice to venture into original and useful properties to build value. But then again, it might be the culture as well.

2. I think it’s silly that a number of bloggers bear some sense of enmity with journalists in general. It’s not about what medium you write in, it’s who you are that makes you. Just because it’s “new media” doesn’t make journalism “old media.” A little respect would go a long way. We’re all more closely intertwined than you think. So are bloggers better..? Again, it’s about what you do. Can’t we just quit it and learn from each other?

3. I think know that IPTV or Internet television is going to make bigger waves in 2009. Smaller area for penetration, higher quality control for content. And the ironic thing is that it won’t be snowballed by television networks.

4. I have another big hunch that we’ll be seeing less of “Make Money Online” in 2009 and more of “Make Meaning Online.”

5. Arise, local venture capitalist to fund new media projects!

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Bloggers’ Choice Award Nominations for Philippine Blog Awards ’08

Hello readers!

I’m reposting a whole bunch of information from the PBA 2008 website. The team has been working hard on the logistics and filtering entries for our much awaited awards night at One Esplanade. This is also our first sneak peek at our sponsors who have been very generous in giving away raffle prizes and making this HUGE EVENT possible!

Vote for your favorite blog! The nominees are …

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