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Keynote Speech for 2009 Blog Awards by Gang Badoy

Dear Gang, thank you for inspiring the community. We knew you were in the middle of relief operations but you made it just in time. Your presence at the awards was very important to everyone. Thank you!


Keynote Speech for the 2009 Phil Blog Awards
by Ms. Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines

What an honor and a frustration to be given ten minutes to address, perhaps (arguably) the most eloquent group of people ever gathered in 2009. But here I am, so here I go.

I cannot discuss any other ‘angle on blogging’ tonight except my gratitude to bloggers. During a crisis- you have kept many of us informed, during darker times – you, blogger have inspired, during births – you spread the joy and during death – many of you have rendered those who have gone before us immortal. There is no single phenomenon that has done all those in such a level. Ang diin ng saad ng blogger sa sugat at balat ng Inang Bayan.

Your personal thoughts, observations, factual research even urgent yet seemingly trivial emotions have contributed greatly to us who read you. Imagine how wide the understanding of the next generation will be of us who have gone before them -because of your blogs. Mas maiintindihan nila kung saan tayo nanggaling. For me the best description of one who loves his country is someone who is interested in where we came from, where we are today – and where we want the country to go. Imagine the advantage the next generation has because they have our blogs to refer to.

Bloggers may have shook mainstream journalism out of its seeming (not apparent) complacency. It has pressured people to decide faster and smarter during emergencies because bloggers, for the most part, cover the many angles of truth. From the ground. I am aware that it is not all positive – lies, panic, confusion, anger, negativity have also stemmed from blogs. Blogs have given us headaches, I know one or two that have – but one thing is for sure – I have never encountered a blog that made me more complacent. And wow- what a gift. What a gift to the country – a country that desperately needs participation, incisive thinking, swift reason, informed suggestions and countless other values.


Whenever the subject of press freedom comes up we always used to hear ‘better an abusive press than a suppressed one.’ I think bloggers took that one step further. Which is why my contention is this: there may be very few networks as powerful and as influential and as crucial as a responsible, articulate, prolific blogger.

2009 made me realize that a nation is not its government. Thank God. Blogging has relieved me with the fact that the history of the Philippines is no longer solely in the hands of the textbook writer. (Thank God) A history of a nation is really the collection of stories of individual lives. Our individual lives. Yours.

You know, during this recent crisis -one typhoon then the next – I observed that politicians will be ‘press-conning A” – networks will be reporting B – and bloggers will be saying C. How lucky we are to have all those views, may we have the resources and smarts to sift through all that. If we do, then we’re on our way.

Though divided in opinion I am still grateful to all who blog. Unity was never my premise for us to move and to make great a nation – but unity certainly is the goal. Not the premise — but the goal.

In my wobbly logic I will say that a country is a shared geographic space. It is the assigned square area where people live together. But a nation – wow, a nation is different; a nation is a frame of mind, a general direction, a common rhythm that a group of people share. That’s a nation.

I like the title of this year’s awards. Three words that I hope to someday re-arrange. Maybe some day we can be just ONE NATION – and we just all happen to blog.

Last thought – blogging is not the ultimate verb here tonight. I know you have caught a lot of flack in the past about the seeming non-active motion bloggers take. For those who think that blogging is a minor verb, I have something to share: One cannot blog unless one goes out there. If you never got your hands dirty or walked streets, helped out, experienced heartbreak, death, birth, victory, defeat, betrayal, pain, sweat- then really- you have nothing to blog. I think it is because you live and you live well — this is why you can blog. Someday it will be said that blogging is merely the record of ‘lives well-lived.’ Again, for that I am grateful.

Keep on doing what you do, living the lives that you lead. If the country is lucky, you will still continue to blog and (quoting Plato) – your storytelling will be the education of our future’s heroes.

Welcome to the Philippines, One Blogging Nation.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.

April 20 // 8:00 PM // NU 107 // Rocked Radio

Rocked Radio discusses more on the blogging culture. To listen online, you can log onto

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Hush. Let’s watch the sunset.


Sometimes, the best way to get the message across is to give them the silent treatment.

5:24 PM. It was a Sunday. And we watched the sunset. And it was beautiful.

Shot using a 350D and kit lens that has not failed me for the past 1 1/2 years. I had a mini tripod and a Cokin filter. Click on the image for a larger version. Click here to view a few more shots I took.

UPDATE: We have a YouTube video courtesy of Jay

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Julia Campbell’s Blogging Legacy

I was chatting with Rock Ed founder Gang Badoy a few minutes ago and she asked if I could publish her statement on blogs. She added that I was partly to blame for her renewed appreciation of blogs and blogging ever since we did an episode of the BuggedCast and had me over at Rock Ed Radio last weekend.

“At first I thought blogging was a manifestation of conceit and self-absorption. I thought it was an arena for writers who weren’t good enough to be published without their help. I was wrong. After someone I knew (Julia Campbell, US Peace Corps) passed away, I read her blog and realized that I, too, will go someday. At least I can leave this blog for my nephews and nieces who are educated abroad to read. I want them to know that Auntie Gang tried to do something. The tiny dent that I intend to make is really in their hearts and their minds. That they will always offer their genius to the Motherland. That the Philippines is nothing without them. I know that no matter how big, loud, or grand our concerts are, there will be no change if the efforts don’t translate to providing education, a building of a rational government, simple diligence, and people staying put. These can turn the Philippines from a political and economic mess into a prosperous nation. In one sentence — I want to prove that there is something to be said about staying home and offering the little things.”

Gang Badoy, 25 April 2007 7:22 pm Katipunan Road

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BuggedCast Episode 3 – “Anyone Can Start Their Own Religion”

Today I was at the NU 107 office in Ortigas to sit in the RockEd Radio show with Gang Badoy of RockEd Philippines and guests Lourd De Veyra, Noel Cabangon, Pepe Diokno and Chris Belardo.

Afterwards I was able to sit with Gang to record my third podcast episode. We talked about how to protect yourself from media. Be it traditional or new media, you can fool anyone – like starting your own religion for instance.



Conversation is in both English and in the local dialect, Filipino.

Show Notes:

  • How do you read, break down and analyze media?
  • Gang says that my podcast is listened to by people who come from good schools
  • Why the “contrabida” in a Philippine movie (villain) doesn’t run for public office
  • Shampoo commercials sell to girls with long hair and a bit more on target markets and appeal
  • Gang starts her own religion
  • Bloggers and Journalists are differentiated according to their institutions
  • Respecting beliefs doesn’t mean exclusion
  • Bloggers are fantastic because we are flawed! 😀
  • Gang started blogging because of Jobarclix

I sincerely apologize for the background noise. We were recording from a convenience store in a gas station.

Shameless Plug
: I will be guesting next Sunday at 8:00PM for RockEd Radio with Gang and some other interesting folks to talk about a controversial topic on Earth Day 2007 in the Philippines! The RockEd Radio Show happens every Sunday at 8:00 PM at NU 107 FM.

[Photo courteously stolen from Gang’s blog]