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Rock Ed rocks Olongapo!

I’m going to attempt to make this blog entry in the style of how Pam Pastor does it. Kudos you to you Pam, because you sure know how to merge blogging with storytelling.

Who would have thought that a single text message found me trekking my way to UP Diliman’s Chocolate Kiss and making my way to Subic with people I’ve never met before.

So when Gang Badoy (teacher, UN MDG consultant, aspiring rockstar) invited me and a few others to help out with some of Rock Ed‘s activities, I said yes to joining the Subic / Olongapo leg with about ten other volunteers. The purpose was to help launch the Olongapo chapter of Rock Ed — with a free street concert a stone throw away from the Free Port.

And this is Gang between the two clowns (short for ‘Pangga’ in Ilonggo which means ‘love’). What a one-of-a-kind woman. If you’ve read The Tipping Point – she’s been regarded as all three types of influencer personae – maven, saleswoman and connector. In the same way that anybody can trace his or her roots to Kevin Bacon, a lot of people I know can trace their roots back to Gang Badoy in six degrees.

I knew Gang because she writes feature articles for SWING, which is now Golf Digest Philippines, one of our publications for HIP. So at about the same time I was doing this last year, I discovered Rock Ed and was fascinated with the spirit of volunteerism and projects on alternative means of education because I used to volunteer for work camps in different parts of the country when when I was in high school. We built a makeshift rip-rap in Cebu, refurbished an elementary school in the nickel mines in Palawan and a latrine thingee in Mindoro.