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The Ideal Gal: A Blog Tag

I’ve been tagged by Ate Shai to expose my thoughts on the ideal girl. Though I know that this person will never exist, I’ve actually listed down some non-negotiables, having been on a few set ups here and there. Thus, I will divide this tag into two: my “ideal girl” and my “non negotiables.”

My ideal girl should …

1) Have the looks. She should be tall. That kind of tall where you can be on equal footing, so that both your eyes can meet and linger for a moment before that kiss. She should have long hair and look good in a summer dress. I am also heavily attracted to chinitas.

2) Play a musical instrument or sing. OR be able to write well. Or ALL THREE! There is soul in art.

3) My mom should like her. My mom has a strong instinct with the women I date and to be humble about it, she’s always been right. She should also be able to deal with my super huge, weird, and theatrical extended family.

4) Should love animals. What can you do? I used to raise fish, keep birds, dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. She should love Hondo Vicente.

5) She should be wholesome with a dash of eccentricity. Because women are more interesting this way.

My non-negotiables …

1) She should have undergone a life changing situation that enables her to not take the world for granted. It could be an issue with work, family, friends – anything as long as it breaks her a little to gain wisdom.

2) She has to enjoy good food. It doesn’t mean eating a lot – you see I’m quite picky with food. IF she can make me enjoy the bliss of food, then that’s a big plus.

3) She should be well versed in speaking. Call me anal, but a bad accent and grammer will be a huge distraction for me. And I think you agree?

4) Should tolerate or encourage my being geeky.

5) Makes a good (potential) mom! (Guys know it when they see it I guess.)

Okay I’m supposed to tag 8 people on their ideal guy / girl …

There’s Dickoy, because he had dinner with Heart Evangelista a long long time ago! Let’s try Amanda because she’s funny. Anne, because love is such a funny thing. Kiven, Abe, Rico and Markku! I also want to hear from Elber.

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New site layout and a blog tip

The three column layout was always my favorite. At that time though I could not find a three column Relaxation theme. Abe Olandres was able to help me find one. Here is the link to my old theme template.
And for my blog tip – I really encourage bloggers to join us in our blog network meet. At the very least it will spread the link loving and share the traffics on our sites.

So far, here are the guys (and gal) who’ve talked about it, based on my dashboard trackbacks: