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b5media tech podcast – ‘Branches sold seperately’

It’s been a while since we recorded something. In this podcast for the b5media technology channel, Mike Abundo and I talk about evangelizing the farmers as well as many other things for the Emerging Earth.


Not that I’m preempting a regular b5media tech podcast – I don’t want to promise anything. But I do hope I can keep this up and open the invitation to the other b5media tech channel bloggers.

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Free tickets and a ‘Thank You’ to my readers!

True Faith belting it out. A glimpse of what’s in store on October 20

Some bloggers are giving away tickets for the Toblerone Thank You Day concert at the Mall of Asia. I recently wrote about how October 20 has been declared National Thank You Day, with Manila being the Thank You capital in the Philippines.

I have 300 tickets to the concert this coming October 20 at the Mall of Asia. Bands include (but are not limited to) Cynthia Alexander, Reggae Mistress, Stone Free, Salindiwa, Mozzie and The Dawn!

To claim your free ticket, all you need to do is leave a comment expressing your desire to come. As an added bonus, Toblerone will be giving a special prize to the commenter who posts the most creative way of saying THANK YOU 🙂

After you have left a comment, you will be contacted by Alma. If you wish to reach her to claim your tickets ahead of time, you may do so by texting her at 09175344624 or emailing thankyoudayphilippines at gmail dot com. See you there!

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Tuesdays with Colbert Low


I had the chance to meet Colbert Low at the Bangsar Shopping Center yesterday. Colbert is a fellow b5media writer who has been one of the cornerstones of the technology channel since 2005. Colbert and I go way back from two years and it is so surreal to have met in person only now. We “met” online through Duncan Riley back in the founding days of b5media.

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b5media Jobs: Sports Freak Wanted

b5media is looking for a sports freak to head the growing sports channel team. If you are interested in applying, please send a short introduction and blog URL to Christina Jones at christina at b5media dot com.

This Channel Editor’s core role will be to develop our Sports Channel into a dynamic group of blogs. The job includes:

  • recruiting bloggers and supporting them through the launch process of their new blogs
  • motivating and supporting
  • guiding and encouraging our existing team of bloggers
  • liasing between bloggers and management
  • developing the channel as a whole
  • general tech support for bloggers

In short – you’ll be responsible for making our Sports Channel the best it can be!

For the full list of requirements and details, please proceed here.

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The Secret of the Curmudgeon


My travels around the blogosphere have taken me to the most exotic places – which is where this particular blog comes to light: the past several months has kept me busy with several things b5media. But one such gem is the acquisition of a popular blog known to most writers as the Craigslist Curmudgeon.

There are social phenomena present today that span time and space, and the Internet. One such example is the entity known as the Curmudgeon. The Craigslist Curmudgeon. Having been featured on Yahoo’s picks as well as Miss Snark in the past, the Craigslist Curmudgeon has decided to join b5media to continue the quest of sifting through the lamery around Craigslist, so that your eyes don’t get burned.

The Craigslist Curmudgeon is on a mission to expose the assery, lamery, and confoundery that is often found in Craigslist ads.

The identity of the Curmudgeon is passed on throughout generations of blog managers through a carefully kept code of secrecy.