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Buy a car, hug a tree!

The b5media Technology Channel launched Eco Friendly Driver just moments ago. As b5media is a global new media network, we’re keen on launching a series of “green” blogs to spread the awareness and give some lovin’ back to mama Earth. Eco Friendly Driver is written by Hilary Evans.

In our effort to promote the clean and green lovin’ worldwide, the Technology Channel is proud to launch Eco Friendly Driver, our first “green blog” written by Hilary Evans. Hilary’s interests cover a wide spectrum but she is particularly keen on an advocacy of informing people about the benefits of electric cars, plug-ins and hybrids, and other autos that don’t eat up gasoline.

Buy a car, hug a tree today! Check out Eco Friendly Driver!

Also, we’ve had some reorganization in the Technology Channel. I am lucky to have Clair Ching aboard New Linux User and Jerome Locson over at Office Tweaks.

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b5media Technology Channel Blog Openings Aug 2007

Here is a listing of blog openings for the b5media technology channel:

Office Tweaks
This is a blog that discusses GTD around the number of available office suites. From traditional suites such as MS Office to open source Open Office, as well as online applications like Google Apps. [link]

New Linux User
What more can I say? I’m looking for a new Linux blogger. Thanks to Kyle Pott who kept the seat warm these past months. [link]

If you would like to know more about b5media, you can read a comprehensive interview with Jeremy Wright on his personal blog. The interview discusses b5media through the years, its business model and direction.

To apply, head over to

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SM Hypermarket: Business Blogging Booming?


The SM Group of Companies has always been, in my opinion, one of the more traditional and conservative corporate institutions to have inculcated itself as a strong part of Philippine culture and mass consumerism. Which is why I was surprised to have been invited as a resource speaker a few weeks ago to help shed some light to the Hypermarket staff on the business aspect of blogging. Sounds crazy right?

Here was my proposition: SM doesn’t need to concern itself much with online marketing as they don’t have any “controversial” products and services such as broadband Internet service that tend to lean towards more colorful discussion online.

So why bother?

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Mike Leano: Gamer, Video Games Channel Editor for b5media

I have known Mike Leano to some capacity as a fellow gamer, gaming journo (he is a member of AGJA which was founded by Joey Alarilla) as well as a behind the scenes guy in doing market research for the local video games industry. He’s quite a fun character who I bump into the oddest places.

Mike takes over as the third heir to the throne of channel editor for the b5media Video Games Channel. The announcement was made moments ago in the b5media forums and Mike has formally accepted this title.

Congratulations Mike, you’re such a geek!

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Blog Openings June 28 2007

There are openings in the b5media technology channel.

  • a HD / Blu-ray enthusiast blogger who can write for the b5media network
  • someone who can take over The Flightnest

Interested parties can apply through Thanks!