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Hands on with the Dell XPS Duo 12 (it’s yours for PHP 65,000)

Finally! Got the chance to play with the most eye-catching Windows 8 debut yesterday and it’s from Dell. Microsoft’s marketing collateral had the Dell XPS Duo 12 splattered all over their pages and it made me wonder how this thing really worked. Now I know what the “window pane” is for. The Dell XPS Duo 12 is both an ultrabook and a tablet. instead of folding out the screen to a 360 degree view (like the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga), the Duo 12 lets you push out the screen to tilt around the hinge so that you can collapse it into a tablet, as pictured below:

Yep, lots of moving parts here. It’s my favorite by far in terms of the “gimik” but I’m not sure if this i the sturdiest of them all. It’s yours for PHP 65,000.00.

Specs below:

Battery life: Up to 8 hours
Weight: Starting at 3.5 lbs
Dimensions: 8.4″ x 12.5″ x 0.8″
Screen size: 12.5″
Touch: Yes
Hard drive size: 128 GB or 256 GB mSATA SSD
Processor: Intel Ivy Bridge ULV (Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7)
Graphics: Intel HD 4000

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Samsung Galaxy Camera sells for PHP 23,990; why would you want one?

The Samsung Galaxy Camera (PHP 23,990) is a vagabond of sorts — not in the definition that it is impoverished, but because it wanders the thin line between being an Android device and a camera. Usually the definition for an Android phone unsurprising to include a camera but in this case, this device IS a camera.

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Lenovo K860 aims to undercut the high end Android market with a PHP 19,999 price point

Unveiled yesterday at the Lenovo Partners Night at Xiamen, China were three new smartphones among them the S560 and P700i and the formidable K860 which is featured in this posting.

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Lenovo S560 or P700i: both dual SIM, 4″ IPS screen, Android 4.0; at PHP 10,999 which one should you get?

UPDATE: BOOM! CES 2013. We have the lowdown on 3 new Android phones announced with pricing!

Yesterday, Lenovo PH officially announced three new phones. Of the three, two of the mid-ranged phones came to our attention as being very similar in specs to the very detail that their price point is exactly the same at PHP 10,999. We’re talking about the S560 and the P700i.

So what’s the diff?!

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Nokia Philippines announces Asha 309, will sell for around PHP 4,400.00

With all this talk about high end smartphones, Nokia is plowing the entry-level mass market with its Internet-enabled affordable feature phones. Today, Nokia seems to be focusing on this market by churning out touch-screen feature phones that go below the PHP 4,100.00 (USD $99.00) mark. The Nokia Asha 309 is evidence to this.

The Nokia Asha 309 is primarily a WiFi phone (for mobile data it comes with 2G browsing only which in this day and age is obsolete) that comes with 32GB microSD card support. It comes with smartphone-like features such as the 3.0″ touch screen, multiple home screens similar to Android and yes — RADIO. It comes with a Twitter and Facebook client as well as a dedicated YouTube client. This is for the netizen who wants the bare essentials on a feature phone.

On another note, it has to be said that Nokia also updated their Nokia Xpress Browser which is now a lot faster and allegedly at par with the smartphone browsing experience. Also, Nokia seems to have a long term partnership with EA as their phones are stocked with mobile games. In this case, 40 of them.