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Lenovo S560 or P700i: both dual SIM, 4″ IPS screen, Android 4.0; at PHP 10,999 which one should you get?

UPDATE: BOOM! CES 2013. We have the lowdown on 3 new Android phones announced with pricing!

Yesterday, Lenovo PH officially announced three new phones. Of the three, two of the mid-ranged phones came to our attention as being very similar in specs to the very detail that their price point is exactly the same at PHP 10,999. We’re talking about the S560 and the P700i.

So what’s the diff?!

As you may know the P700i is the direct successor of the P700 which was launched just this July 2012. In terms of difference with its precursor, the P700i also comes with dual SIM capabilities and maintains the 4″ IPS screen real estate. It is essentially an incremental upgrade from the P700 because it also packs a strong 2500mAh battery. The main difference is really in the new form factor and a faster dual core processor which adds a noticeable difference to speed. We must note that the previous P700 was also priced at PHP 10,999.

On the other hand, the Lenovo S560 is being touted as a “music phone” for the younger market. It packs Dolby Speakers and the same 4″ IPS screen. The S560’s form factor actually resembles the original P700 more (or maybe because I saw the black version). Other than that, it maintains pretty much the same general specs as the P700i — dual SIM, 1GHz processor and a 4″ IPS screen.

So really, the main difference between the two phones, apart from the form factor and color is that the P700i comes with a larger 2500mAh battery pack while the S560 comes out loud with a better speaker stock from Dolby. Which among the two do you prefer?

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

11 replies on “Lenovo S560 or P700i: both dual SIM, 4″ IPS screen, Android 4.0; at PHP 10,999 which one should you get?”

your article was so empty..

i was hoping to read a detailed comparison and a recommendation since you headlined “…which one should you get?”

P700i. A phone is only usable when it’s still on. Even with the small difference from the two, the Dolby speakers might eat more power. S560’s back looks better though.

@Ron that’s what I initially thougut (and I agree 100%) but it seems that in the world-scheme of things there really is a market for a music phone for young people. I find it odd, to be honest despite the P700i having better battery.

I would personally opt for the P700i

I would go for the P700i. I have the Lenovo A60 and I don’t use it for listening to music. The speakers are terrible. I don’t know if the S560 would make up for the experience though. I’d rather stick with the P700i

Yes your this article doesn’t help that much. The writer did not do his research. I think s560 is a little smaller for one.

I tested both yesterday.

The P700i has a better battery and higher resolution video the S560 has better sound quality.

I found the sound quality on the P700i to be unacceptable for pleasant listening to music (on a par with other Chinese phones). I found the sound quality on the S560 acceptable if not brilliant. It seems on a par with Samsung/Nokia/Sony etc though not as good as HTC. However HTC’s dual sim Desire C is 16000P and only single core with 500M RAM.

I am looking to add a 32GB and using the phone as an MP3 player as well as phone, I already have a decent camera with superior video capability. It’s too bad the S560 sacrifices battery size but for me the added functionality of having a useable MP3 player outweighs this disadvantage.

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