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Unboxing the iPod nano (6th Generation 2010)

This is it. This is what everybody’s been raving about. The “flagship” iPod product that caught everybody’s attention and stole the show is the new 6th generation iPod nano. It’s more than an iPod — it’s an accessory. Add a strap and it’s a watch.

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5th generation iPod nano camera demo

What better way to test the 5th generation iPod nano camera than to post a sampling on YouTube. This video was taken using the default settings of the iPod nano. Despite the low light, the video is still superb at 30fps and 640×480 resolution.

What seems odd though about the iPod nano’s construction is the placement of the camera. The 5th generation nano is made to fit right handed operation. However, the lens is also located on the lower right side of the unit. Holding the device up sideways makes the lens prone to exposure to your index finger.

The iPod nano can hold up to 2GB per video, but will keep on recording when you surpass 2GB. All you’d need to do is string your two videos via iMovie or any other video editing application.

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Apple iPod nano with camera priced at PHP 8,790; iPod touch 8GB at PHP 11,490


I’m at the Apple press conference for the new iPods and iTunes 9. Here are the prices for the new iPod nano, shuffle, iPod classic and iPod touch.

The 8GB iPod nano with the “controversial” video camera that can’t take stills will be released at a comfortable sub 10K price at PHP 8,790. The iPod nano allows you to record up to 15 minutes from the built in FM Radio, allowing you to catch up with your favorite radio program in case you had to stop listening. It also comes with a built in pedometer and sync directly to Nike+. The pedometer records steps, not strides — so that means if you want to record your runs, you still need to buy a Nike+. Video recording is done in packets of 2GB at 640×480 and 30 frames per second.



The yellow and Product Red versions of the 5th generation iPod nano are only available in the online store.


The 8GB iPod touch that was announced at 199USD is now down to PHP 11,490. Previously it was at a little below PHP14,000.00.


The iPod classic (160GB) retails for PHP 14,490.

The new iPod shuffle retails for PHP 3,290 for the 2GB model and PHP 4,390 for the 4GB model. The special edition ipod shuffle in aluminum retails for PHP 5,490 which is only available through the Apple Online Store for Philippines..



So if you can get it cheaper than these listed prices, you’re either Art Samaniego or you just got yourself a good deal. 🙂

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What a GENIUS this iTunes 8!

So along with the hot iPods, iTunes released the new Genius feature for iTunes 8.0 that does two things. First, the new version allows you to make on-the-fly playlists based on one song that you choose. The choice is heavily dependent on the genre, artist and I even think it has something to do with the cadence of the song. iTunes chooses similar beat counts for that playlist.

The second part of Genius is the iTunes recommendations sidebar, which is their monetization model. When you’re playing songs, iTunes can recommend songs from their library which you can click to purchase. It isn’t available in the Philippines, sadly (see first image).

The Genius concept is not new. Online services such as Last.FM and Pandora have implemented this related playlist scheme for quite some time. Of course, sometimes you get really off recommendations.

I tried a few playlist creations based on KENNY LOGGINS, JAMIROQUAI and RICK ASTLEY and got pretty good results (hmm there are one or two out of place songs, but hey, sometimes Geniuses make mistakes too!). The first song in the 25 song countdown is where all the songs are based from.

Share your Genius Playlist Mix? 🙂

P.S. And yes, I listen to BARRY MANILOW, OK? Mandy, FTW.

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4th Gen iPod nano colors (Cute naman!)

The rumors are true – the 4th generation iPod nanos are out. Apple has gone back to the roots of the nano, foregoing the fatty design for the gum stick form factor of the 1st and 2nd generation + the curved edges. And they’ve upped the memory too at 8GB and 16GB. Sigh. Flash memory just gets cheaper and cheaper. Every year, a new iPod owner gets at least twice the memory for the same price. It goes the same for all tech gadgets.

They did a great job with the colors – these aren’t the typical shades you’d find in your everyday gadget. According to Technograph, the rumored pricing is P12,000.00 for the 16GB version.

Apple, where’s the FM tuner? 🙂